Thursday, 20 February 2014

ASDA Little Tikes Speak n Learn Book

ASDA toys, ASDA Little Tikes, Exclusive Little Tikes Toys

Clay is almost 3 now, can't believe it! Although he's my second child, I still dread the day when I have to send him to nursery. I do see the need of it, as he's getting bored at home when Abby is at school, and he is learning things mostly through watching CBeebies. Some interactions with other kids is certainly definitely needed. Before he can start preschool in September, we'll just have to keep him entertained, like using the new ASDA Little Tikes Speak n Learn Book!

ASDA toys, ASDA Little Tikes, Exclusive Little Tikes Toys

The ASDA Little Tikes Speak n Learn Book (rrp £12.00, speaks in British Accent) is pretty good! It has several play options, including the basic alphabet and numbers learning, as well as find the word games. Each time a page is turned, it's recognised by the book so the correct pictures are read out by pressing the same 10 buttons. Normally these electronic books are quite expensive, and are mostly story or nursery rhyme reading books, so I'm really pleased with the Speak n Learn book, and for £12 it's value for money!

I'm really impressed with Clay when he played the book. With a little guidance at the beginning, he knows exactly what he needs to do and which word to find. He can hear the voice of the book clearly (there is 2 volume setting) and even managed to find a few words by himself! The book is very encouraging as well and will tell the kids to keep trying. It will give the correct answer after the 3rd attempt, which I think is just right as younger kids might get frustrated with more tries, and by telling them the answer it will teach them what it is as well.

ASDA has a wide range of exclusive Little Tikes toys suitable for babies and toddlers, and they are certainly value for money! I'd definitely recommend you to check the range out.

Disclosure: We were sent the above toy for review purpose; all opinions are honest and our own