Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Carcraft LEGO Competition

LEGO City High Speed Police Chase, Carcraft, LEGO car story

As LEGO fans, we would never give up on an opportunity that's LEGO related. Carcraft, the nationwide used car supermarket, has offered bloggers a fantastic opportunity to win £100 worth of LEGO! All we had to do is use one of the LEGO kit they provided (We chose LEGO City High Speed Police Chase rrp £12.99) to create a story about cars. The first group of bloggers who has participated in the competition were all fantastic and the pressure is certainly on! After days of discussion with Abby and hubby, we came up with the following story. Even if it's not a winning story, we loved it and we hope that it's entertaining enough!

Note: As I lack light in this house, the only place I could really take pictures is my window sill. It's not ideal as you can see the window but oh well, effort counts right?!

LEGO City High Speed Police Chase, Carcraft, LEGO car story

LEGO City High Speed Police Chase, Carcraft, LEGO car story

At Carcraft you can get all sorts of fantastic used cars, unfortunately not a dragon!

The making of the above story was really fun! We all had our own ideas, unfortunately I can only pick one to publish, so we took the best of the 3 stories. It took longer than expected as we had to get all the props ready (which was fun as we get to build a lot of things using our imagination!), which took us a day (well, in between the usual weekend routine of course). And then there is the post editing too. I think next time we'll try to make a stopmotion video, we just have to master the trick to add voice and sound to the video clip at the right time!

The things that are worth mentioning but were cut out from the story was a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end, a double prison, and an army from the past!

We can't wait to create our next LEGO project!

Disclosure: We were sent a box of LEGO for the purpose of creating the story for the competition; all opinions are honest and our own