Monday, 24 February 2014

COOK Instant Meals

gourmet instant meals, COOK, quality ready meals

gourmet instant meals, COOK, quality ready meals

A few weeks ago we've received a box of instant meals by COOK, and I had to instantly post a message on Twitter and Facebook to recommend them as they were that good! In fact, we all agreed that it was the best instant meals we ever had! I wanted to write this post up after we've tried all the meals out, but this month has proven very busy with cooking and eating out! Although there is still 1 more meal in the freezer, I decided to post this up now as I'm 100% sure it'll be as good as the other variety!

About: COOK instant meals are sold online or in their own shops (70 branches across the UK. You can find your nearest store here), with each dish prepared in Kent by different chefs, whose name you can find on each meal, so you know that it's cooked by cooks like us. Each meal are then blast frozen at -35C to keep all the goodness in the food.

We were sent a well packaged, amazing selection of their instant meals, including 5 variety from their OMG Pots (less than 400 calories a pot), 2 mains and a pudding. All their instant meals have the following in common: 

- easy to remove film lid (have you ever had an instant meal where only something sharp can completely remove that film lid? It's really annoying so I think it's a plus point that COOK's are super easy to remove!)
- smelled and tasted amazing
- packed with lots of ingredients
- you can taste most of the ingredients

gourmet instant meals, COOK, quality ready meals

Moroccan-Spiced Chicken (Cooked by Lewis Feaver  £3.99) 

This was the first meal I've tried, and also my favourite! Not only did it make me salivate while it was cooking, it was packed with juicy ingredients (the roasted aubergine was soo good!) that are full of texture, and hidden at the bottom was a good amount of chicken! With only 376 calogries I was stuffed and although I was eyeing on Clay's Japanese Salmon at the beginning, I couldn't take another bite! The meal was delicious and the flavouring was spot on.

gourmet instant meals, COOK, quality ready meals

Japanese Salmon (Cooked by Lewis Feaver £3.99)

Although I didn't eat this at the end, I did give the food a try and wow! That's the most succulent microwaved fish I ever had! It's so clever to add wild rice and beans in the mix to give a lot of texture that makes you feel satisfied, and it's healthier too! Flavour is spot on again and I would expect it in restaurants!

gourmet instant meals, COOK, quality ready meals

Middle Eastern Lamb Koftas (Cooked by Michael Ewens £3.99) 

I thought that this was amazing as well. The koftas were well seasoned without that, I don't know what you call it, lamb smell?! The sauce is very tomatoey (yum!), and although it doesn't look like it, it is quite filling like the other pots. It's a shame our kids weren't keen. Perhaps because they aren't used to couscous?

gourmet instant meals, COOK, quality ready meals

Prawn Tom Yum (Cooked by Simon Moody  £3.99)

I'm never keen in Tom Yum, but I know hubby does so I left this for him, although I did try a bit and guess what? It was delish! It's not as hot and sour as the proper Tom Yum, and I love the rice noodles with it. Prawns were very tasty and again, the beans made it a filling meal. Hubby said that there was a slight after taste to it though I'm not sure what it was.

gourmet instant meals, COOK, quality ready meals

Thai Butternaut Squash Soup (Cooked by Lewis Feaver  £3.99)

The pot cracked on arrival for some reason, so I had to microwave it in a separate bowl. 

A vegetarian green curry soup, it was comparatively bland to the other pots, which was a bit of a surprise as all the other dishes were really well seasoned and we didn't have to add anything to them at all. This one hubby had to add a bit of salt and chicken stock. It was very creamy though and you can still taste and smell the green curry.

gourmet instant meals, COOK, quality ready meals

Lasagne Al Forno (Cooked by James Parks  £3.99)

This was an amazing lasagne and since our kids love lasagne, this was their favourite dish! The lasagne was slightly milder in flavour (perfect for the kids), but no seasoning was required even for me. The cheddar cheese topping melted into a really thin and crispy layer on the top, which was amazing and we were all fighting over for it! A real shame that I burned the corners! The sauce was really creamy as well!

gourmet instant meals, COOK, quality ready meals

Bramley Apple and Blackberry Crumble (Cooked by Lewis Feaver  £3.25)

I love crumbles because I absolutely love the toppings. The topping on this one is the BEST I ever had! However I'm not so keen in the blackberry in the crumble, for the same reason I wasn't keen with it in the crumble I made myself - the pips. Otherwise I'd be eating this happily without disappointment! Hubby had no problem with the pips though.

The one we haven't tried yet is the Roasted Vegetables Lasagne, but we have no doubt it'll be as good as the other lasagne. As I said, we are impressed with their food quality, taste and smell. It's worth stocking up on some in the freezer, and for the price you pay, you can guarantee you'll get a nutritious and delicious meal ready within minutes. They also have a selection of family meal for 4 for £10. For such a fantastic meal packed with ingredients and none of the hard work, I really wouldn't mind it!

COOK currently have an offer on Oriental takeaway for 2, which includes a main, a rice/ noodles and a side for £10. Offer ends on 1st March so get yours while it last!

Disclosure: We were sent a selection of meals for review purpose; all opinions are honest and our own