Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Duracell LED Frosted Spot Light Bulbs

energy saving bulbs, Duracell light bulbs, Duracell LED Spot Frosted Bulb

When we moved in this house, we had to renovate the whole kitchen. The first thing we changed was the lights (mainly because we didn't have to wait for the builders to do that). It's pretty stylish (I think), and I do love spot lights in my kitchen. But they do use quite a bit of energy.

Recently we were given the opportunity to review what the PR called the Keanu Reeves of light bulbs (I am sure he meant the Keanu Reeves in Speed, not Matrix *nod head*), and I believe this metaphor has caused quite a bit of interest amongst us bloggers! Apparently he was talking about Duracell light bulbs. I never knew they made light bulbs! After much consideration, we decided to try out Duracell LED Spot 4W (30W) GU 10 Frosted Bulb in our kitchen.

energy saving bulbs, Duracell light bulbs, Duracell LED Spot Frosted Bulb
Before: Assorted brands
energy saving bulbs, Duracell light bulbs, Duracell LED Spot Frosted Bulb
After: Duracell LED Spot Frosted Bulb

Duracell LED Spot Frosted bulbs are energy saving bulbs. It's power consumption is only 4 Watts, and provides lights equivalent to a 30 Watts normal spot bulb. From the above pictures though, you can tell that it's actually much brighter than a normal spot light bulb. So bright that it almost felt like daylight in the kitchen during night time.

Based on using the lights for 2.7 hours a day for 365 days, these bulbs can last for 15 years. 15 years not needing to change bulbs! That makes the £7.99 each bulbs really value for money, let alone the electricity you are saving on as well!

My geeky hubby is really happy with the bulbs, and said that they are perfect. I have to agree with him that the bulbs are fantastic. My only problem is that they are too bright and white. I know, ridiculous right? But I like that yellowish light in my house, let it be from spot lights or normal lights. White light as bright as this reminds me of a work environment, and it just takes away that relaxation and cosiness feel from a home. But then of course, that's just my thoughts.

The good thing is, Duracell does have a wide range of bulbs on offer, some dimmable, some Candle type. Now knowing that these bulbs are great, we just need to find the right colour to fit into  our  MY kitchen!

Disclosure: We were sent the above for review purpose; all opinions are honest and our own