Thursday, 27 February 2014

My First Car?!

Well. No of course the above wouldn't be my first car. As a first car I wouldn't dream of buying a brand new car, let alone a limited edition! (It look so yummy!)

Ever since I passed my driving test, which was last Summer, we have been on the hunt for my first car, and we are still looking. Terrible right?! There were so many discussions, arguments and compromises it's been an exhausting experience, but at least we are looking. Come to think of it, the decision making was quite funny.

Kia Rio - too big, too new. Will have to come back to it as a second car
VW Beetle - small boot space, very basic interior
VW Polo - too ugly (Seriously, if I hate it I won't drive it)
Peugot 206 - great, but a right put off after being forced to sitting in an uncleaned, smoky and disgusting one. GROSS!
Mazda 2 - Boxy (the old model)
Mazda 3 - Too big
Ford KA - too small
Toyota Auris - too big
Toyota Aygo - too small
Peugot 207 - me and hubby actually both agreed on this until "high major break down rate"

And then. After a good half year, my fear of being on the road started growing. So.

"Let's get Vauxhall Corsa (my instructor's car, the car I learned driving in). At least I'm familiar with it and there isn't really any problem during the time I was driving it"

So after almost a year, we decided to go for the car that I could have decided on right after I passed my test. Oh well. At least we have been looking.

We are now WAITING for a reasonably good 3 door petrol Corsa (no silver. I just don't do Silver. Nor Red.) to pop up in the market within a reasonable distance, price and mileage. Hopefully it won't be long before I can use my car checking and negotiating skills learned from's Negotiation Academy to hunt down that Corsa - my first car.