Sunday, 2 March 2014

Barbie: The Pearl Princess DVD

Barbie The Pearl Princess DVD, Half Term animation, Mermaid

The new Barbie: The Pearl Princess DVD and Blu-ray came out on 17th February 2014 in time for half term, have you seen it yet? We were suppose to receive our copy before half term but Royal Mail has lost our review disc, twice! It's really annoying especially when they've lost a replacement copy as well. The unreliable service has made me loose faith in them and even though I felt a bit sorry that their job is split amongst other private companies, I'm not really surprised why it ends up this way.

Anyway, the very kind PR was ever so patient and understanding, and has sent me a 3rd copy through Signed For. Abby was so happy when it has finally arrived, and we all (including Clay) enjoyed the show very much! (In fact we are watching it for the 3rd time as I type!)

Barbie The Pearl Princess DVD, Half Term animation, Mermaid

Barbie: The Pearl Princess (£8.00 at Amazon UK) tells the story of a mermaid Lumina, who has the magical power of maneuvering pearls, wished to see the castle one day and wondered what it's like to be a princess. An opportunity rose and she and her seahorse friend Kuda swimmed their way to the castle while meeting new friends on the way. A conspiracy was exposed and she found that dreams may actually come true.

The animation is absolutely stunning and magical, with a beautiful soundtrack, humor, tension and a happy ending. Both me and Abby wanted a few magical pearls ourselves after watching the show! They made them look so pretty it's very hard to resist! Come to think of it, we might just decorate our new fish tank a bit to make it more magical!

We love the story, though at odd times we hear Abby begging Clay "Claaayy!! Protect me pleaasee! Will you protect tzeh tzeh (older sister)?"  It's really funny to hear Clay say "Ehh.. NO!".

Barbie: The Pearl Princess is definitely the show for the Barbie, mermaid and magic fans! It also contain bonus materials and a Dreamhouse episode.

Disclosure: We were sent a review disc for review purpose; all opinions are honest and our own