Friday, 28 March 2014

Build-a-Bear Shop Made with Love Teddies for Mums

Mothers Day, Build-a-Bear Shop, Teddies for mums

It's Mothers' Day this Sunday, any of you doing last minute shopping for mums? And if you are a mum, what would you like to receive this year? When we reviewed Abby and Clay's bears from Build-a-bear Workshop last year, I was tempted to build a bear for myself. I'm a mum but I still love soft and cuddlies, in fact, some of the teddies sitting in Abby's room were mine from years ago!

For some reason I never thought of building a bear for Mothers' Day, but if you think about it, people do buy small teddies for mums, so why not one that's made by them and filled with wishes, love and a message? They have so many outfits to choose from you can always dress the teddies mum-like. Anyway who said that mums have to look like the teddy in the above picture (though I really wouldn't mind, look at those bunny slippers!), mums nowadays can be groovy, stylish, and young too.

Mothers Day, Build-a-Bear Shop, Teddies for mums

Any mums out there who are Disney fans? I know there are loads of you out there! The Build-a-Bear Disney Palace Pets are adorable aren't they? Build-a-Bear teddies are all very soft and fluffy, if you are like me who isn't allowed a real fluffy pet at home, one of these would certainly make half of your wish come true!

Perhaps when hubby see this post he'll get the message, ho!