Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Butlins 3 years old (High) Chairman

Having a toddler sitting in the board room telling grown ups how to develop their products isn't just an advert plot anymore. Butlins Resort has hired 3 years old Sophia Jade Carr (out of 600 applicants) as their (High) Chairman, who will be sitting alongside Butlins MD Dermot King to road test Butlins "Just for Tots" breaks.

Although it sounded like a clever PR stunt, I do look up to Butlins for hiring a toddler to review and make suggestions to their "Just for Tots" breaks, after all, who else is better for the job than another toddler? It will be interesting to see what Sophia comes up with, and whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be closer to what other toddlers would like!

Would you consider trying out Butlins "Just for Tots" breaks, knowing that it is tailor made for tots by tot?