Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Dominos Pizza

Dominos Pizza, fresh pizza, Pizza and movie

Although both me and my hubby love pizza, we like them from different places. Hubby's favourite was and still is from Dominos, though my last experience with them ages ago wasn't that fantastic. Last week their PR contacted me, telling me that Dominos is promoting their quality ingredients, and since I'm always up for second chances, plus it is hubby's favourite pizza place after all, I gladly accepted the taste test invite.

As it was Two for Tuesday, it was a bit too good to miss out the deal! We did have guest after all *cough*. It's fairly straightforward to order through their website. Do make sure that if you go for Two for Tuesday, you will have to go into extra toppings/ customise (I forgot what it was called now) to change the type of crust you want if needed. (We love stuffed crust!) At the end we ordered the following:

Medium Meatilicious with Stuffed Crust
Medium Tuna Delight with Stuffed Crust
Small Meteor
Garlic Pizza Bread
7 Chicken Strippers
14 Spicy BBQ Wings 

Dominos Pizza, fresh pizza, Pizza and movie

It was still early when I ordered the food, but the system let me pick a delivery time, which was really handy. I also had an option to pay by card or pay by cash upon delivery. I really like the flexibility they offer their customers! And if that's not enough to impress you, you can track your order from the point of order all the way to when it's delivering, how cool is that?

The delivery man arrived bang on time, and when he opened the bag, a big whiff of steam came out from it. The food was still piping hot! With so much food I would have appreciated a tray or something to hold everything, especially when they were still warm and weren't passed to me from the largest box to the smallest. The tray would have saved me from hugging the pizza boxes to my heart hehe.

I soon spotted the new packaging of the boxes, which tells customers a bit more about their ingredients. It's certainly better than the plain old design, and they brought my attention to their thick cut sausages too.

Dominos Pizza, fresh pizza, Pizza and movie
Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Meteor, Tuna Delight, Garlic Pizza Bread and Meatilicious
Dominos Pizza, fresh pizza, Pizza and movie

We can already tell the difference of their pizzas just by looking at them. They were freshly made and still steaming when I took the pictures. The stuffed crust was delicious and light, and you can really see their chunkier ingredients, which were all very tasty!

Initially I wasn't keen in trying out the Meteor, as I remembered that the BBQ sauce can be quite sickly. I took a slice anyway and was surprised with how nice it was. In fact, the Meteor was the best out of the 4 we ordered. The amount of sauce was enough to enhance the pizza's flavour, but not so much that it makes you sick after a few bites. Same for the Spicy BBQ Wings, it used to be completely coated with BBQ sauce, now it has the right amount of sauce on it, leaving some part of the skin still crispy, which I love! You can also taste the deliciously marinated wings instead of just BBQ sauce. Ace!

I ordered the Chicken Strippers and Garlic Pizza Bread for the kids and they all really enjoyed it. Funnily enough, Abby who doesn't like pizza at all (that's why the garlic bread and chicken strippers), loved the Meatilicious, and even had seconds! The only thing they weren't keen in was the Tuna Delight as there was a bit too much onions in it that they can't quite pick out. I think a light spread of Thousand Island sauce on the base would be more fitting to the Tuna and Sweetcorn, although it might smell a bit sour during and straight after baking it.

Overall we were really impressed with the service and quality of their food. We haven't ordered from Dominos for a while now as hubby knew I wasn't keen, but I can safely say that Dominos is back on our menu!

Worth mentioning is their movie deals as well. While you order your food, you can order a movie at the same time to watch when you enjoy your food, making it a one stop shop for a great night in! I heard that Hunger Games has just been added to their Latest Release rental, and I haven't seen Silent Hill: Revelation yet that they have too (I'll probably have to watch it after the meal though!)

For more information about their quality ingredients and the fun stuff, you can check their blog out. You can also check out their online museum and reach their social media pages through there.

If you haven't had Dominos Pizza for a while, I recommend you to give them another try, you might be surprised with their changes like I did!

Disclosure: We were invited to try the above food for free for review purpose; all opinions are honest and our own