Thursday, 20 March 2014

Jumbo Wasgij Destiny Puzzle 14: How Times Have Changed!

Wasgij Destiny 14: How TImes Have Changed, 1000 pieces puzzle, Jumbo Games Puzzle

I fell in love with Wasgij? puzzles since I had my first try last year. They are the only jigsaw puzzle out there that forces me to do a whole puzzle without using hints and tips. They do provide hints and clues of course, but I just put the whole box aside and do it without. At odd times I find myself getting stuck, but I love the exciting feeling I get when I finally cracked it.

When I make other puzzles, the end result is less exciting than the Wasgij one, as I already knew what I was piecing together. I spend more time looking at the final Wasgij puzzle because I haven't seen it before, and always found them fascinating. I love the artists' sense of humor!

I have since bought a puzzle mat from Jumbo (it's fab and cheaper than others on the market!), as well as their 15th Anniversary Puzzle tin (2 x 1000 pieces puzzles in a tin!). I was working on the border when I was given the opportunity to review Wasgij's new puzzle - Destiny 14: How Times Have Changed!. Now I wouldn't want to give that up, so I took the border apart and started working on this new project.

Wasgij Destiny 14: How TImes Have Changed, 1000 pieces puzzle, Jumbo Games Puzzle

Wasgij Destiny 14: How TImes Have Changed, 1000 pieces puzzle, Jumbo Games Puzzle

The new Destiny puzzle is pretty challenging as there is a big time difference between the picture on the box and the picture you are piecing together. The picture on the box shows the community in the 50's/ 60's, where you'll be piecing together the same community in the current time.

I started piecing the puzzle together upside down as I thought Abby was gonna help, but she found it too difficult. Wasgij is definitely more for older children and adults, but they are  going to launch a Junior collection soon so they can have the fun too!

When I turned the puzzle the right way round a lot of things made more sense (Duh!)! Anyway, it was great fun piecing the puzzle together, especially when I found that something I was piecing up on the side fitted perfectly well with another big piece somewhere else! Without a picture to look at you really won't know until you got a few big patches done.

As I said, the Wasgij artists all have a great sense of humor, and apart from showing what the community is like in the modern days, the artist for Destiny 14, James Alexander, has also taken the mickey out of people in the modern days. Every small section I looked at, I found myself chuckling. You'll noticed that some things have never changed, it's just the way we do it has. Then there are the odd bits which are so true but so wrong too!

If you like a challenge and love puzzles, I definitely recommend Wasgij, and I highly recommend Destiny 14!