Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Lara Jill Vlinder Handbag

Lara Jill Handbag, polka dots handbag, vintage style tote

With Spring's arrival, it's time to update my wardrobe! This includes my accessories as well of course (any excuse). I have always loved blue (can you tell from my blog?), so when Lara from Lara Jill Bags contacted me, her Vlinder range has immediately caught my eye. She has kindly offered me something to review from her shop. I love her handbag design, so I have gladly accepted her Vlinder Handbag to review.

Lara Jill Handbag, polka dots handbag, vintage style tote

Lara Jill's Bags are made with quality cotton oilcloth, hence are water resistant and easy to wipe clean.  The Vlinder range features classic beige dots on dark teal pattern, and includes a baby changing bag, gym bag, handbag and purse.

The Vlinder Handbag (£24.99) comes with a removable adjustable shoulder strap, front and back zipped external compartments, 2 internal compartments, 1 zipped centre compartment, 1 internal side zipped compartment and 2 slip-in compartments. Handles are long enough to go over the shoulder, and all internal fabric can be wiped clean as well.

Lara Jill Handbag, polka dots handbag, vintage style tote

One thing that surprised me most was how light the bag was. I have a similar style bag but it's heavy on it's own, let alone adding my belongings inside.

I was very naughty and filled the bag to the brim for an outing (really not recommended, get a gym bag instead!). There were sandwiches, a lunchbox, snacks, bottles of water and 2 cans of coke. It wasn't doing the bag any favour but my goodness it was still very light!

I like it that you can zip the bag close at the top, so you don't have to worry about walking in the rain with it. It's fine if you drop the bag too, nothing embarrassing will fall out! The handles are the perfect length for me to carry it on my shoulder, even when I'm wearing my thick coat too. I know some people prefer handles being padded at the bottom, but I prefer it without like this handbag as it gives enough friction to keep the bag on my shoulder. With the bag being so light weight I don't really think you need one anyway.

Both me and hubby love the pattern and he said that he doesn't mind carrying it at all (a definite no for my purple handbag haha). It's more teal than in my images, which I heard will be a Fall 14/15 colour trend. I think it'll be great for the whole year!

Lara Jill Bag has other collections as well, some comes with lunch and picnic coolers too, so do check them out for easy to clean, light weight and classic vintage bags this year.

Disclosure: We were sent a bag for review purpose; all opinions are honest and our own