Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Lollibop Festival 2014 News!

Lollibop Festival 2014, Summer festival for children and families, Summer holiday 2014

It's official! This year's Lollibop Festival, THE Summer festival for under 12s and their families, will be held at Hatfield House between Friday 15 to Sunday 17th August 2014!

Lollibop Festival 2014, Summer festival for children and families, Summer holiday 2014

We had lots of fun at the 2012 Lollibop festival, and were gutted that we couldn't make it last year. This year however, we are determined to visit again, and it's gonna be amazing as it's being held at one of the top 10 most magnificent palaces in the whole UK! Before or after the festival we can always visit Hatfield House's own attraction including the sundial garden, fountains, Knot Garden, etc etc!

I just checked their events and apparently they are holding a Vintage, Antiques & Collectors' Market on Saturday 16th August, and a Farmer's Market on Sunday 17th August. That's our weekend sorted then! 1 day at Lollibop and 1 day at a market! Or 2 days at Lollibop??

Last time we went to Lollibop, our kids got to see their favourite characters including Moshi Monsters, Zing Zillas, Alex and Katie from CBeebies, etc etc. This year Abby will be even more excited if Skylanders is going to be there again! And Clay is also older now so he'll enjoy the festival more! I can't wait to see the line ups for this year, but it's not out until 28th April! We'll just have to keep checking for more information. It helps to follow Lollibop on Facebook and Twitter too!

For now, if you would like to buy their Early Bird Tickets, it will be available this Friday 28th March for £17.50 per person. However, if you have previously visited Lollibop, you'll be able to purchase the Super Early Birds Tickets on Wednesday 26th March for £15 per person! Mark the dates people!