Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Poo Pourri - Am I Serious?!

Poo-Pourri, toilet joke, bathroom air freshener

Now I know some people will think that this is a joke. It really isn't. We all know that it's a smelly business even though some refused to admit that theirs is as bad as others. If you have an air freshener in the bathroom, or have ever secretly wished that no one can smell you or your child when you or they were in a public toilet, then you should continue reading, as this might just be the toilet freshener you would like to try.

Poo-Pourri (oh the sense of humor from the creators!) is a before-you-go toilet freshener made with natural compounds and essential oils. It comes in 2oz (£7.99) and 4oz (£11.95) bottles, with the 2oz fitting easily in your purse (just don't drop it and let it roll). They come in 15 fragrances, and works by spraying a good layer on the water before you go. The idea is that when things drop into the toilet bowl, the natural oil will trap the smell inside the water, while releasing fragrance instead.

We were sent the Deja Poo to try (you should totally check out the other names), and while it claims that it was made with the fresh scent of white flowers and other natural essential oils, we all agreed that Deja Poo smells strongly of ginger and other spices. It's instructed to spray 4-6 times at the water to create a film of natural oil, but it made the fragrance ultra strong. We ended up only doing 2-3 sprays instead and the whole bathroom already smells strongly of ginger.

The verdict is, it does work. Instead of smelling poo, we smell Deja Poo. However, as stated on their website, Poo-Pourri can only trap smell under the water, so unfortunately smells that comes from gas will still leak out. With the strong fragrance from the Poo-Pourri acting like an air freshener, you can hardly notice it though. Our toilet bowl is still white as ever meaning that the spray did not taint the bowl. Also, I'm not really sure whether it's got to do with the spray or not, but we noticed less marks leaving behind. Could it be because of the oil making it hard to er, stick?

We did have a good laugh trying it out, and although it smells of ginger and spices, which isn't exactly what we would like from an air freshener, Abby will always spray the toilet bowl a couple of times before using it (not like she's really smelly). Me and hubby always forget though, so some getting used to is definitely required. I think if we got the right fragrance it might encourage us to use it more often. I'd probably go for one of their citrus scents next. I also like the bottle designs and quirky names, and most of them comes with a cute charm as well.

Do note that it's not recommended to use it to spray anywhere else outside the toilet bowl as it could make the area greasy.

Disclosure: We were sent the above sample for review purpose; all opinions are honest and our own