Tuesday, 11 March 2014

#TeamHonk Bloggers Sport Relay

Back in January I mentioned about #TeamHonk holding a Bloggers Sport Relay, passing a baton from Lands End all the way to John O'Groats. Yesterday it has finally reached our area and it was our turn to pass the baton on from Leyland Train Station to Preston Capitol Centre.

Believe it or not, I still don't have my own car, but the lovely hubby has taken the time off to drive me and Clay from home to Leyland Train Station, then touring around Leyland town centre, Morrisons, Tesco, etc crowded places with our less-impressive-than-hoped car. I blame Royal Mail for yet another missing parcel filled with Sport Relief balloons and stickers. It was on Next Day delivery as well! Grrr!

To be fair we were a bit last minute with getting the decorations, I must thank the lovely Sport Relief again for being so helpful. We managed to get hold of some smaller red balloons at the last minute with red tassels and ribbons to decorate the car. I was hoping to get a big red banner really but my fault for not preparing sooner (where did the time go?!)

When the lovely Leanne from Second Time Mummy and her husband arrived (now they are what I call real Sport Relief participants as they've cycled for over an hour to get to us!), we received the baton and a banner as well! I was really glad as it has added the finishing touches to our car.

On our way to Preston Capitol Centre, hubby deliberately took a slightly longer but busier way. We successfully passed the baton over to Kelly from Preston Precious and Victoria from Baldricksmum, who walked with their babies and toddlers to Preston Deepdale.

Overall we had a great time, with a blessed weather too! To support your local bloggers (not many are as lazy as me!) and Sport Relief, simply visit our Team Honk Sport Relief fundraising page, and select your local team  if you wish to donate. Or you can simply text HONK to 70005 to donate £5.