Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Thinking Slimmer

Thinking Slimmer, weight loss program, drop dress size

People who know me well know that I dislike dieting and exercising. Not that I haven't done them before, and I have succeeded too, but that's in the past and we should never live in the past (so much have changed!). I also hate pressure coming from others, and I do not respond well to people telling me what to do to lose weight. It has to come from me and me alone.

Lately I feel the need to lose weight. I don't like how I look in the mirror or pictures, and I really want to be happy about myself. So when the opportunity came up to review Thinking Slimmer's product and service, I applied for it as I think that they are exactly what I need, and probably the only thing right now that can help me.

Thinking Slimmer, weight loss program, drop dress size

Basically, I will be listening to a Slimpod, which is a 9 minutes hypnotherapy track, every day for 12 weeks. If successful as they said it would, I should be thinking about food differently, and subconsciously want to cut down my food portion, eat healthier and exercise too.

Thinking Slimmer, weight loss program, drop dress size

Thinking Slimmer, weight loss program, drop dress size

Thinking Slimmer, weight loss program, drop dress size

Last week I've received a phone call from Sandra, founder of Thinking Slimmer herself, and it already got me thinking positively. I was then sent an Introduction and Slimpod's downloadable tracks, and a personal handbook. Inside the handbook I found tips on how to get started and the keys to success, as well as a contract with myself and a personal success log. 

Apart from listening to the Slimpod every day, the key to success includes writing down realistic goals and what I would do to achieve them, as well as writing the differences that happens every day. Both reminds me that I'm on the right track towards my goals, which is encouraging, after all, if you forgot or don't see it, you won't believe that something is actually happening to you. The handbook did say that it'll take 21 days for the Slimpod to settle in, so all these reminders are really helpful to keep me going.

Week 1:

I have listened to my Slimpod for 4 nights now, and I have been cutting down on portions successfully already! I 

- haven't had a fizzy drink so far
- shared my portions with my kids instead of making them extra
- had the right amount of food at family dinner and picnic without going for seconds
- sat in front of a giant tray of chocolate for over 10 minutes and only had 1 instead of sampling different flavours
- didn't start binge eating when I was stressed out

To be honest, if I didn't write these down on my success log, I would have forgotten them and thinking that I'm not doing the right thing. I always fall asleep after listening to the Slimpod for around 3 minutes. Although they said that it's encouraged as I've let my mind open up to the Slimpod, it's hard to know whether I've taken in anything until I've seen them written down on my log.

As part of the 12 weeks program, I will be showing you pictures like the first one at the top, of how I feel (I don't know, I might post a picture of myself at the end of 12 weeks when I've achieved my goal!) about my body and myself at the time, to show you the changes I'm going through with the help of Thinking Slimmer and their Slimpod. If you are interested in Thinking Slimmer and want to lose weight permanently, but want to know whether it will really work, follow me on Facebook, Twitter and/ or G+ as I'll be sharing the pictures there.

If you fancy trying a Slimpod for yourself, they have offered you lovelies £4.50 off the price of a Slimpod using this discount code: BlogSaver1

Disclosure: I was provided the Slimpod for free as part of the product and service review; all opinions are honest and my own