Friday, 21 March 2014

Top Tips and Advice for Organising a Baby Girl’s Christening

It’s the time of year when many families will be planning on christening their children – a time to bring loved ones together so that they can share a special moment in the baby’s life. Christenings aren’t for everyone, but if you do choose to do such a thing, there are several things you need to think about. The venue, the after-party, the catering, the godparents – there’s a lot of thought to be put into the day so that you and your family have an unforgettable time.

Meanwhile, if you’re invited as a guest to such an occasion, you may wish to buy a gift to commemorate the day. Many people choose to buy keepsake items that can be kept forever – gifts that people can look back on in years to come to remember the event. Alternatively, you may wish to buy something unique and personalised; something that others may not think of buying. It’s completely up to you!

As the organiser of a christening, you will undoubtedly have a fair amount to sort out. From the beginning to the end, the success of the day is down to you, your organisation skills and the people you invite. Here are some top tips for the day, so that your little girl’s christening can go as smoothly as possible.

The Outfit
Traditionally, both girls and boys dress in a christening gown, but don’t feel like this is your only option. It’s up to you what you wish your little girl to wear. George’s baby girl clothes are sweet and stylish, without being overly ‘traditional’ which can sometimes be a little off-putting. Depending on the age of the child, you may wish to dress them in something simple, or a pretty dress and sandals for someone a little older.

The Godparents
Nowadays, the strength of their faith isn’t as important a factor as how close the candidates are to the parents of the child being christened. Godparents are likely to be family members, or close friends, who you could trust with raising your child should something happen to you.

Girls tend to have two godmothers and one godfather, although it’s completely up to you. Just choose wisely.

The Service
If you opt to have a service that is specifically for you, ask your guests to turn up about 10minutes earlier so that everything can run to schedule and your service doesn’t impinge on any other services planned for the day.

Once the service is over, you may wish to have a gathering elsewhere – perhaps at home, or at a function room. Think about the catering, and whether it’s something that you wish to do yourself, or you have the budget to hire others to take the strain off you.

It’s also customary to have a christening cake. Traditionally, this is the top tier of your wedding cake (a fruit cake) but if you have the skills to make your own, or somebody offers to make one for you, then that’ll be just as fabulous!

Christenings aren’t for every family, with others choosing to have a similar occasion that is inkeeping with their faith, or a naming ceremony if they’re not particularly religious. Whatever your plans, if you organise things well, it’s sure to be a day to remember fondly while your baby grows.

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