Monday, 28 April 2014

Check Your Credit Score before Major Spending

When I started my University life, applying for store cards was almost the logical thing to do. Some gives you discounts, other gives you loyalty points, which doesn't seem much now, but every penny counts for students. Only thing is, none of the stores told me that it was going to affect my credit score for as long as I kept them active.

I know that now of course, and all the store cards from my student life has been deactivated. As far as I know, my credit score is quite good, but I'm considering checking it out just so I know where I stand with my finances. The information will come in handy when I need to do some major spending that requires borrowing money from the bank. Credit Expert is doing a 30 days trial for credit score checking, I might try that out.

According to their research, 2014 is quite big for a lot of Britons, and their new year resolution varies from dream holiday and home improvements, to buying a new car or new house. Our new year resolution is to get me my first car, and to sort out the long overdue home improvement. We are so glad that getting me a car is out of the way now, and with Summer approaching, it's time to sort out our house.

I'm hoping that it's nothing major that requires a loan from the bank, and we can enjoy Summer in our improved home!