Tuesday, 29 April 2014

It's Time for Potty Training again

Potty Training a Boy
Image adapted from milestonemom.com
We were never the kind of parents who follow guidelines of when a child should hit a certain milestone, as we know that each child is different and it's better to let them develop abilities at their own pace than stressing the whole family out just so that the child will do something at "the right time".

Potty training is one of those. When Abby was two, many asked us whether she's started potty training yet. It really wasn't necessary to start her so early so we ignored people's comments. When she was three, a few months before she started pre-school, we thought that perhaps it was time to check whether she was ready to be trained. It's one of those things you do have to try instead of let it naturally happen (I doubt that she would have asked us whether she can try sitting on the toilet like us..). And within a week, she was trained and only had a nappy on at night. 

I do think that Abby was quite good at listening and understanding how things are done so it was easier with her. I have to admit that I have less confidence in training Clay. He likes to do things his way, and can be very particular with some.

Potty Training a Boy
Image from Babydino.com

Clay is turning 3 next month however, and he'll be attending nursery in September, so I think it's about time we check whether he's ready to be trained. The first thing we need to do is to get him some underwear (just the type of it baffles me! The comments on briefs and boxers are really funny though!). Potty wise, we still have Abby's old one stored away, but I wonder whether I should get him a new one? The Babybjorn ones I saw online look stylish and practical (ours was frivolous and bulky), and the guard seem high enough. I hope it's not going to be a stressful experience for Clay and us!