Wednesday, 30 April 2014

LolliBop 2014 Line Up

Lollibop Festival 2014, Children festival, CBeebies line up

LolliBop has announced their Line Up last week and it's AH MAY ZING! We are already very excited about it being held at Hatfield House, which looks absolutely stunning, and we can avoid going into London as well. Looking at the Line Up, we can do with going to the festival now! If you have CBeebies and CBBC fans, you must go! Early Bird tickets are limited, so get yours while you can!

Lollibop Festival 2014, Children festival, CBeebies line up

Apart from Justin Fletcher headlining for Saturday and Sunday and Mister Maker taking over the main stage on Friday, the following will make their appearance at the LolliBop festival for the first time:

Sam & Mark (CBBC's Big Friday Wind Up )
Thomas and Friends
Chris & Pui (CBeebies Show Me Show Me)
Scooby Doo
Swashbuckle Pirates (CBeebies, Friday and Saturday)
Michaela Strachan (CBeebies Really Wild Adventures) 

For the Disney fans:

Disney on ice: 100 Years of Magic presents a Silent Disco!


Mr Bloom, Andy Day, Skylanders, Postman Pat, Roald Dahl (museum and story), Science Museum, National Geographic Kids


Beano events, Lolli Kitchen, Inflatable Village, Good Old Fashioned Sports Day, Itsy Bitsy Strictly (dancing), Ready Sheddy Disco, Baby Ballet, Footballing, Beat Boxing, Face Painting and Balloon Modelling.

Lollibop Festival 2014, Children festival, CBeebies line up

How can you not be excited? I'm now worried that one day isn't enough for us to enjoy all the fun! The above isn't even the full line up! I'm thinking of going on the Saturday as Abby and Clay both love the Swashbucklers, and we will be seeing everything else as well! Will I see you there?