Friday, 4 April 2014

MEGA Box of OMG! #5 and MEGA Box of Awesome! #7

Mega Box of Awesome #7, Mega Box of OMG #5, children subscription boxes

Back in December we reviewed our first bi-monthly MEGA Box of OMG! (BoO) and MEGA Box of Awesome! (BoA). We loved that you have an option to get them for free (normal BoO and BoA are allocated randomly for free, or you can collect points to get both normal or MEGA boxes to get them for free), they have an active community, and there are fantastic prizes to be won (e.g iPad Mini) for effort. Items included in the boxes are sample products, but there are always a full size sample included.

We have since received the normal BoO #4 and #5 and BoA #6 and #7 by filling in the simple 2-3 minutes each surveys, and we have been given the opportunity to review the MEGA BoO #5 and MEGA BoA #7.

Mega Box of Awesome #7, Mega Box of OMG #5, children subscription boxes

Mega Box of Awesome #7, Mega Box of OMG #5, children subscription boxes

Our MEGA BoO #5 came with:

Jane Smiley's Champion Horse Book
The Zelfs Blind Pack
Moshi Monsters Trading Cards
Union J Stickers Pack x 2
Skwoosh! Sample Pack
Haribos Sweets
Nail Filer
£5 Nickelodeon Game Card
BoO Sticker
BoO points code (I think it was for 20 points)
Swapit Points card
BoO Leaflet for survey and competition

Mega Box of Awesome #7, Mega Box of OMG #5, children subscription boxes

Mega Box of Awesome #7, Mega Box of OMG #5, children subscription boxes

And our MEGA BoA #7 comes with:

Mark Griffiths' Geek Inc. Investigating the Impossible - Technoslime Terror! Book
Skylanders Swap Force Trading Cards x 2
Skylanders Swap Force Sticker Pack
Skylanders Giants Sticker Pack
Premier League Sticker Pack
Match Attax Sticker Pack
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Plasticine Pack
Micro Predasaurs Blind Pack
Haribo Sweets
BoA Sticker
BoA Points Card
Swapit Points Card
BoA Leaflet for survey and competition

Wow right?! Comparing the 2 boxes with the previous ones, these have a lot more samples included. For £4.99 that's a massive goodie box! Just the £5 Nickelodeon Game Card and the book make your money worth, and they even have sweets! I think if you are feeling generous they will make fab birthday party boxes.

I like it that the full size books encourage children to read, and there are a lot of interest that the kids will like. Abby and Clay both love Moshi Monsters and Skylanders, and they have been going through the trading cards one by one. Abby likes to stick her favourite stickers (mainly those she received from school for good behaviour) at the bottom of our staircase, and she started sticking the Skylanders stickers there! We had to stop her of course...

The books are still a bit too difficult for Abby to read, she is in year 1 after all, but perfect for children in KS2 or above. We decided to pass them along to my niece and nephew, they love reading so hope that they'll like these too. If your children don't like anything from the boxes and don't have anyone to pass them on to, they can always swap them for other things through Swapit.

Although you have to pay for the MEGA boxes, they do contain more and better samples than the normal ones. Being a bi-monthly box, it's only less than £2.50 a month, so it's quite cheap especially when you will always get a full size sample (mainly books) in the box. Parents can buy these as special treats for children if they prefer, and who doesn't like a massive goodie  bag  box?