Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Soreen Chocolate Mega Loaf

Soreen Bread, Soreen Chocolate Mega Loaf, Malt Loaf

Hubby has always been a Soreen fan, but because I don't eat bread with raisins/ sultanas, I never tried their loafs. When we were offered their Chocolate Mega Loaf to try, I had to say yes, after all it is chocolate!

Soreen Bread, Soreen Chocolate Mega Loaf, Malt Loaf

I was pleasantly surprised to find 2 mega loafs in the parcel! I've seen the smaller loafs, which hubby can eat a whole one for lunch. The mega loafs are bigger and perfect for sharing (if you will!). When I tried to slice them up with a sharp knife, I noticed that it wasn't very easy to do so. I think it's great as a tear 'n' share though! The loafs are loaded with chocolate chips, it is very chocolatey (and not as "malt" as I thought!), and we absolutely love the malt loaf's texture!

When I tried the loaf, I knew that Clay would love it. Since we started feeding him bread, we discovered that he only eat the sides/ edges of a sandwich, never the white part. He just loves the chewy texture! What surprised me though, was Abby loving it too. She hardly eat chocolate cakes, and she only eats the softest part of the bread (my kids compliment each other haha). But she can keep tearing at the chocolate loaf no problem!

I understand now why hubby love Soreen Malt Loafs so much. SE Asians are used to the chewy texture, and we love it! Glutinous Rice and Tapioca are just one of many ingredients we use to make chewy (or Q, as Taiwanese call it) food, such as Mochi, the little sweet Japanese dumplings you find in Sushi Bars. I'm pretty sure that Soreen will do very well in SE Asia!

Soreen launched their Chocolate Mega Loaf last month exclusively to Morrisons, and they will be available in regular 3 week periods throughout the year. They are only £1 each, so keep your eyes peeled for them next time you go shopping in Morrisons. They lasts pretty long so no problem buying a few more when you spot them!