Saturday, 5 April 2014

Why We will Miss Our Pushchair

MacLaren Techno XT Stroller, Pushchair

Clay is almost 3 now, and has been refusing to sit in his pushchair. He loves to walk and run around, and our pushchair is limiting his freedom. In a way we are happy that he's moved on from it as we don't have to take it out with us anymore. After all, even though our MacLaren Techno XT is compact, there are places where any pushchair is bothersome. Before I got my car, it has been blocking half of our doorway as well, as that's the only place we can keep it. So there were times when we thought "Can't wait 'till we can get rid of it!".

Now that we hardly take it out with us, we started to see the inconvenience of not having a pushchair when we go out. Clay for one has become more troublesome. He likes to run away, and doesn't realise how dangerous it can be, let it be next to the main road or inside a mall. He's got lost so many times now we wonder when his or our luck will run out and something bad will happen. Yet he still hasn't learn his lesson. Now if we had our pushchair with us, we would have locked him in it when necessary. Better him screaming  and crying than getting kidnapped or hit by a car!

Then there are the times when he got overtired and needed hubby to carry him everywhere. Our pushchair seat can lie flat so he can sleep in it, which would have been better for him and hubby. Even Abby misses the pushchair because of that! She's been asking us on occasion whether she can sleep in the pushchair. My big baby.

Other than that, we also missed using it for carrying our coats, shopping and picnic! This is a big deal as now I have to carry all the coats and jackets, while hubby has to carry all the picnic and shopping. Our kids will just have to get used to walking on their tired feet as the pushchair is no more! Ok I am making a bigger fuss than it really is, after all all families have to go through the same thing, but we will miss our pushchair nonetheless.

Do you miss your pushchair? If yes, I would love to hear about what you miss most.