Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Bandai Pac Man and the Ghostly Adventures Pac Panic Spinners

Pac Man, Bandai toys, Spinner top

Any Pac Man fans here? It was one of my favourite game when I was a kid! I spotted its latest toys at the Toy Fair 2014, (it's really worth going to see what's new for the year!) where the PRs were demonstrating how the spinners work. The sight of the toys made the little Pac Man fan inside me whooped! It was quite a unique way of getting the spinners spin and has left a strong impression in me. The lovely PR has offered us the opportunity to review the spinners and I knew Abby would love it as she has been asking me for spinner tops (the simple party bag ones) all the time. We were sent the duo pack - Spiral and Clyde for the review.

Pac Man, Bandai toys, Spinner top

Pac Man and the Ghostly Adventures Pac Panic Spinners - Spiral & Clyde (rrp £12.99) comes with Spiral (Pac Man's friend) and Clyde (one of the bad bad ghosts) spinners, both comes with removable base. They can be played on their own or battle in the battle arena. The pack also comes with a code that can be used with the free game app, and allow you to bring your characters live in the app game.

To spin the toys, you can either spin them in their base, making them go spinning without running around, or simply remove the base, hold each character and tilt them sideways a bit to rev them against a flat surface for a few times, then place them upright on the surface and let go, and you'll see them spin and roam around.

It doesn't require batteries for them to spin, and if you get it right, they can spin really fast and for quite some time!

I think this is one of those times where I adore the evil more than the good, look at how cute Clyde is! And Clyde actually spins a bit better than Spiral as well, maybe because he's a bit heavier or rounder? Abby thought the same as well but she likes them both. She'll stand at the window sill whole day just to rev them up and watch them spin (we do have a table she could use..). I do like the idea that you can collect the characters, and I'm hoping that they'll release Pinky (girl ghost) and Cylindria (friend) in August (new toys release month) as we would love to add them to our collection! 

The spinners are of good quality and the characters look very much like the ones in the animation and game. The new game will be out this year too and looks pretty good, making me want to play! Looking forward to the next launch!