Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Blog On 2014

Blog On

Last Sunday I went to Manchester's Museum of Science and Industry to attend a fantastic Bloggers' Event - Blog On for the second year. It is held by Laura from Tired Mummy of Two and Blogs Up North. It was one of the best bloggers' event I've attended, and I've not only picked up plenty of blogging tips and spent a good amount of time chatting with fellow bloggers I met on the Internet, I've also brought home loads of goodies! 

Blog On, Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, Blogs Up North

I like it that Blog On split bloggers into 3 groups, and rotated the groups for each session. Smaller, more manageable groups means that we can discuss the topic on hand better, and we get to meet other bloggers that we haven't met before as well. It also means that we get to attend all 3 sessions without missing a thing! Big thank you to the speakers who had to repeat themselves 3 times on the day to make this happen!

I've learned so much from Emily @ A Mummy Too,  John @ Photo Walkthrough, Lucy @ Capture by Lucy and Vanessa @ HPMcQ! They each covered a different area in photography, from posing, taking the shot and editing after. I hope that I can use the tips I got from them to take better pictures for my blog!

Social Media:
I spent most of the time with Jenny @ My Mummy's Pennies and Gemma @ Hello It's Gemma to learn a bit more about Facebook and Twitter. I should really listen more about other social media as I don't use them as often, but I did learn quite a bit of new tips on Facebook and Twitter! Maybe next year I'll pop over to G+, Pinterest and YouTube as well and expand!

Creative Copy:
Initially I thought that I wouldn't learn much from this session, as I don't see how creativity that I lack of can be improved by the lovely ladies Jane @ Northern Mum, Helen @ Actually Mummy and Penny @ A Residence. After listening to their advice, however, I realised that I have been unknowingly writing my posts with "a bit more creative" in mind. For example, I like to connect reviews to our real life stories, or feature products differently, which are all classed as creative writing. I'm really happy to have attended Blog On and this session as they've reassured us that we are doing the right thing.

Blog On, Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, Blogs Up North

Blogs Up North has looked after us well and provided us delicious breakfast and lunch on the day, all included in the ticket! My favourite was the potato salad and that oh so yummy cookie! I didn't have the cake as I was so stuffed but it looked fab and I heard that they were amazing!

Blog On, Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, Blogs Up North

Blog On, Manchester Museum of Science and Industry, Blogs Up North

Apart from the fab day, there were LOTS of goodie bags given to us at the end of the day too! Each of us were taking 6 bags filled with goodies home, and the above isn't even all of it!

They were also raising funds for When You Wish Upon a Star through raffle and tombola with amazing prizes! I'm so chuffed that I took home 6 tombola and 3 raffle prize, including 2 boxes of LEGO, a Tamagotchi, Strawberry Shortcake double DVD, Moshi Monsters electric toothbrush and a sweets bouquet!

Like last year's Blog On, I had a fantastic time, and will definitely attend again next year!