Friday, 2 May 2014

Go!Go!Go! 's New Album - Radio Go! Go! Go!

Go! Go! Go! children music, children music DVD, pop songs for children

Ever since I have kids, I've become fairly annoyed with the new pop culture. Do they have to swear so much in their songs? Shouldn't pop idols be the role model for teenagers, who make up a large part of their fan base? Yet they smoke, take drugs and swear like no one is watching (and learning). Call me old fashion but I think that a lot of pop songs aren't suitable for kids anymore, even teachers have to put extra effort into finding the "clean versions" of songs to play to the school kids.

Luckily, there are still companies out there who are putting effort into creating clean, school children targeted pop songs, such as the one behind British musical group Go! Go! Go! We are so glad that the PR has given us a chance to review Go! Go! Go!'s new album Radio Go! Go! Go!, as Abby has just discovered new songs she loves, and we feel safe for her to listen to. I've also found out afterwards why I love them so much too!

Go! Go! Go! children music, children music DVD, pop songs for children

Radio Go! Go! Go! (£7.56 from Amazon UK) comes with a CD with 12 songs and 2 bonus Karaoke tracks, a DVD with 7 music videos, 2 Learn the Moves clips that teaches children how to do the moves in the 2 songs and a behind the scene clip, and a lyrics booklet.

Although Go! Go! Go! started out as a musical group who tours the UK and perform in theatre, they now have their own tv show on Nick. Jr on top of their newly launched album.

Go! Go! Go! children music, children music DVD, pop songs for children

My first impression was that the catchy pop songs sounded very familiar. They actually reminded me of 90s pop groups Steps and S Club 7. I thought that they took inspiration from them, but that wasn't the reason why they are so similar. Apparently they were founded by Steve Crosby, who founded Steps, and he even wrote some of the songs! I love that though! I think that songs in the 90s are very catchy, and with the lyrics written for school children, they made the perfect pop songs for kids.

When I showed the DVD to Abby, she immediately fell into Go! Go! Go!'s charm (just like when I fell for Steps and S Club 7's!) and quickly picked up the tune (they are that catchy!). She even wanted to learn the moves, until I picked up my camera haha (evil mummy). And now she's bugging me to show her the tv show!

We love their songs and we highly recommend Lay the Rhythymn Down and Hey There Sleepy Head!

If you haven't seen them perform and would like to know what their songs are like, you can find some of their music videos on their website on Nick Jr. Their I Love Christmas Time is my favourite! I showed it to Clay when he wanted to watch his favourite program online, and he's completely forgotten about it! It's a shame that the song isn't on this album, hopefully they will release another one later this year that will include it! We are going to keep the CD in my car, and the DVD home for the kids to watch!