Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Improving Sleep with Sleeping Accessories

Like many other parents, sleep has never been the same again for me since I had children. Not only did I become a light sleeper and wake up at the slightest movement in the middle of the night, I slept at awkward positions as well as I co-slept with my children. They have moved to their own room now, but they always managed to sneak their way back into our bed and shove me and hubby aside for their own space.

Pillow is another problem for me. It is really hard to find a good pillow that lasts for longer than the first month (I steer clear from down or feather pillows as most of them are quite smelly!) so I tend to wake up with a stiff neck or aching shoulders and back.

There are a lot of sleep accessories on the market, such as sprays, pills, masks, plugs, etc. But do they really work? To be honest, I found a lot of them unfit for me to use. Take eye mask and ear plugs for example, I can't possibly wear them to bed as I'd like to be able to react immediately when my children calls for help at night. I think it's more for people who can afford to shut the outside world out when they sleep. Sleeping pills is out of the question as well. As much as I want a good night sleep, I need to stay at least semi-alert when my children needs me.

I can consider a spray, something to spray on my pillow perhaps, but I'm not sure what effects they bring to my children if they crawl into my bed? The ingredients should be safe, but are they suitable for kids?

It doesn't really leave me many options to improve my sleep does it? So I guess it's back to investing in a good pillow and mattress. I'm currently testing out a pillow that might just be the pillow I'm looking for! Another week and I should be able to tell you what I think! I'm also following Silent Night's Sleep Clinic participants to see whether the specialist can really help improve their sleep. I'm going to read Sarah Clarke-Feltham's Sleep Plan now, she's also a busy mum and her plan might just suit me!