Friday, 30 May 2014

Korean Beauty Products with Free P&P!

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I was chatting casually on Twitter about Macarons last week, and my dear fellow blogger friend Joanne Mallon from Opposable Thumbs showed me the Macaron shaped lip balms she bought from Beauty Net Korea. (you can find her review of her amazing buys here) I immediately fell in love and I had to thank her for introducing me to the amazing online shop, as they deliver beauty products, including the really popular ones, from Korea with free postage and packaging fee if you spend over US$50.00! Eeeek!! I better control myself and don't visit them too often, but I couldn't resist and bought the above!

The cute It's Skin Macaron Lip Balm (approx £3.74) comes in different colours and fragrance, and they smell delicious! I gave Abby the purple grape one and she was tempted to  lick  chew her lips off! The green apple is a bit more subtle but still lovely.

Warning: be very careful when you keep it lying around. The kids will devour the whole pot while you aren't looking! Clay used mine to smear all over his face!

The TonyMoly Hello! Bunny Perfume Bar (approx £5.20) are so cute and the perfume lasts really long!  Abby did keep dabbing it all over herself though and the whole room smells lovely! The pink Dodo Rose smells a bit like floral shampoo, and the purple one a bit lighter. Cute and girly enough for young girls!

I love my Etude House (my favourite Korean Beauty Brand!) Bite Me Eau de Perfume (approx £8.97)! It's very summery and refreshing! It lasts very long too!

I bought the Y.E.T Easy Funny Nail Stickers (approx £4.13) because Abby is so into Frozen I bet she'd love it. Her nails are a bit too tiny, but you can cut these to the right shape!

I was a bit disappointed with the Hope Girl Nail Travel Bling Bling Set (approx £6.58) as they look darker than I thought. But then I haven't tried them on yet so maybe they are as good as in the pictures. Basically you use each colour as a layer to create a gradual colour change effect. Come to think of it, I could do it with my own nail varnish, so I think I won't buy nail varnish again from overseas. The pictures look amazing though!

The parcel is well packaged and arrived in perfect condition. And! it came with a good pile of free samples too! Who doesn't like freebies?! I got a whole stack of Etude House BB Cream (SPF30/PA++, whitening, anti-wrinkle and anti-darkening), which my BFF Mechelle from Eat Well. Travel Often recommends. Come to think of it, she gave me a massive pile of samples as well that I haven't tried yet.. sorry babe! I'll get round to them!

Will definitely buy from them again (when I really need it. I think..). I highly recommend the Nature Republic Soothing Gel Moisture Aloe Vera 92%, because it contains 92% Aloe Vera! Another BFF bought me a 95% one from Korea and I'm still using it. They make fab cooling moisturisers! I dare you try the new SE Asia craze - Snail Slime beauty products, although I wouldn't! Joanne received one from her Korean beauty box though, I'm going to see whether she'll pick up the courage and try it out!