Thursday, 15 May 2014

Lollibop Second Line Ups - More Fun to Expect!

2 more months to go! I'm determined to go this year and no one is stopping me! I have made sure that no one in the family is booking anything for that weekend so that we can enjoy the awesome line-up for this year's LolliBop festival! And yes, I do think that I'm more excited than my kids, it is a fab line-up after all *nod head* Did I tell you that they've recently released the second line-up, making it even more fabulous, even for the older kids??

On top of the first line-up that you can find here, there will also be:

Lazy Town Live

Bear Grylls Survival Academy
- Fire lighting, tent building, gross eating (?!) and camouflaging, I want to see what this is all about!

Harry Potter's Wizard School
- We've met them at Little Fun Fest, and really enjoyed the show! We'll definitely stop by!

- Last time we went, Abby still didn't know what Skylanders was. Now she's a little fan herself and I can so see her running towards them and chat them up!

 STOMP workshops
- They'll be teaching little STOMP-ers how to play rhythmic music with bin lids, plastic bottles, etc and have a parade! This is going to be fun!

2 more months to go, what should we do?!