Friday, 30 May 2014

NO-AD Aloe After Sun Gel

Aloe Vera, After Sun Gel, No-Ad tanning product

The weather has turned horrible again, but it'll be great again soon, I know it! While we are taking a break from the sun, I thought I should introduce to you a fab sun tanning product - NO-AD's Aloe After Sun Gel. We have made sure that the kids are covered with sun block (we use a once a day one as it's more convenient for when they are at school), but after sun care is equally important to everyone in the family, especially when you are sun burned without knowing it. NO-AD sent us their made from natural ingredients after sun gel to try out and it worked like a charm on sun burned skin.

Aloe Vera, After Sun Gel, No-Ad tanning product

The after sun gel consist mostly of Aloe Vera, which everyone (I think?) know is a fantastic and natural cooling and moisturising ingredient (or juice to be exact). The gel also contains Vitamins A, C and E, tea tree oil and other natural skin moisturisers.

The gel is light and cooling on the touch, easy to spread and quick to absorb. It smells mildly of the tea tree oil, and my skin felt smooth and soft after it's fully absorbed. I had to apply it on both my kids when the sun was shining happily as they were both a bit burned (not an excuse but we didn't spread the sun block evenly enough). The website did warn about not applying it on broken skin, and it did sting Clay a bit initially as he had a good scratch. Next time I'll make sure that I'll apply it around the broken skin. I'm not sure whether it was because they are kids or because the gel helped, they healed pretty quickly (within 3 to 4 days) and embraced the sun again soon after.

I do think that after sun gel is necessary, whether you want a tan or not. It doesn't make your tan go away but it'll make sure that you aren't cooked through! And what better than a product that's natural AND recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation? You don't see NO-AD being advertised (hence NO-AD) as they don't market their products, so that you can enjoy their quality products that are twice the size as other brands but at the same price.

So go on, start protecting your skin from getting burned! You can find them in pharmacies and also Morrisons!

Happy sun bathing!