Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Stickems Screen Cleaners

gadget screen cleaners, Stickems, cute screen cleaners

A couple of years ago I bought a 7 inch tablet, hoping that it'll serve me as the gadget for blogging outside home. The job has taken over by the much faster and reliable Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and the fairly slow tablet became one of my children's "toy". Obviously, after a few plays, the screen became pretty gross. There are the usual finger prints, as well as smudged droplets of sneeze *cringe*

Have you tried wiping finger prints off your screen before? It doesn't really work unless you got the right fabric, provided that it wasn't dirty already. I'm not one who likes to carry a lot of things around with me, so I never bothered with keeping a piece of cloth in my bag just for wiping prints. Then Stickems came along and our screens (and glasses!) are clean again. And I don't even mind carrying it around because,

gadget screen cleaners, Stickems, cute screen cleaners

they are pretty and stuck themselves on the gadget so I don't have to look for them myself!

Stickems are reusable screen cleaners, made of soft microfiber cloth with a static gel backing. They basically stick to anything flat and smooth, doesn't leave sticky marks on the surface, and if it loses some of its stickiness, you can revive that by washing your stickems and leave them to dry thoroughly.

There are currently Little Miss/ Mr Men, Hello Kitty and Danger Mouse range to choose from, but they have other range on sale as well. We were sent a small Little Miss/ Mr Men and a large Hello Kitty Stickems for review purpose. 

Stickems come in 2 sizes, one is small enough for mobile phones, DS or similar gadgets, and the big one is suitable for tablets and even PC monitors. The big one might cover the camera lens on the back of a 7" tablet though. We don't mind really as we never take pictures with the camera on our tablet anyway. I do think that it'll look a bit better on a 8" or above tablet.

I really love their Hello Kitty range, though I think I'm a bit too old for bringing the cuteness around with me. The goldish motive with black background however is perfect! I love it and more than happy to use it to decorate my tablet (it's still mine!). I chose Little Miss Chatterbox for Abby as that's her nickname given by EVERY single teacher she had (and will have, most likely). When she saw it she couldn't stop giggling. She's obviously not ashamed about it. I've also just ordered the Tweet blue bird from their sale section for my phone. It can't be more appropriate! But if they decided to create one that has the word Blogger or SAHM on, I'll buy it for sure!

Talking about Little Miss/ Mr. Men, did you know that a new character called Little Miss Hug has joined the gang? I think she'll be a very, very popular character!

gadget screen cleaners, Stickems, cute screen cleaners
Use the microfiber side to clean your screen
gadget screen cleaners, Stickems, cute screen cleaners
Left: Tablet covered with finger prints and dodgy smudges that requires a wet wipe to clean before using Stickems!
gadget screen cleaners, Stickems, cute screen cleaners
This is actually mine *cough*. Abby can stick Little Miss Chatterbox on her own next time
gadget screen cleaners, Stickems, cute screen cleaners
Lady Gaga from our Bog On MOSI goodie bag!
She and the range can be found under the Sale section
You can see how clean my tablet is after using Stickems! I had to use a bit of water first because of the I-don't-want-to-know-what-it-was smudge. I have then used Stickems on my PC monitor, mirror, TV, and my glasses as well (I used the 2 small Stickems, one on each side of the lens), and they are all sparkling clean!

I think it's a very clever idea, it's a sticker decoration with purpose!

gadget screen cleaners, Stickems, cute screen cleaners

If you are a Twitter or Facebook user, Stickems invite you to post a #StickemsSelfie on their page, or tag them on Twitter to show off your Stickems! Now let's get stickeming!