Friday, 27 June 2014

Birchbox - June Global Strikers

June Birchbox, Beautybox, Birchbox honest review

I have always been curious about beauty boxes. I love trying out new products and the monthly subscription boxes is one way for me to try and test products from brands I've never heard of, but there are so many in the market, I just don't know which one to go for.

Finally I took the plunge after seeing the pictures of this month's Birchbox. There is a mix review out there as you don't necessary get the most wanted stuff, in this case the BeautyBlender, but that's what you risk taking when you subscribe for these boxes isn't it. They have their element of surprise, just like a gambling game, and with hopes there is always a chance of disappointments. So do be ready for that when you subscribe to any of these boxes.

I was actually quite happy with my June Birchbox, even though I didn't get the Beautyblender. Maybe because it's so nicely presented, it felt like I was receiving a gift! And the samples weren't too disappointing either. My box came with:

A lovely Birchbox pouch in the colour of Brazil, which itself is very attractive

A Birchbox Slipper Keyring - How cute!

Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Mascara (sample worth approx. £6.88 based on full size pricedat £19.50)
- It's a known brand so that's great, and I needed a new travel size mascara so this arrived in time. What more is that it actually works! I applied without curling my lashes and they did become longer and also curled up, although not necessarily evenly (one lash raised higher than the others). I'm not keen in the little clots but they are easy to wipe off. I probably wouldn't use it while wearing glasses as my lashes has extended enough to touch my lens and that's quite annoying:

How do girls with long eye lashes wear glasses?!

Mini O.P.I Copacababies Liquid Sand (sample worth £3.49 based on whole collection priced at £11.95)
- I've received a vibrant purple colour, which is quite nice. Will have to try it out soon! The mini bottle version is great for colours you don't normally use so to me it counts as a full size product.

Silk + Honey Shea Butter hair Mask (sample worth approx £2.75 based on full DIY kit priced at £55.00)
- Haven't tried yet but there is a subtle fragrance that I thought was quite nice. I know some people prefer leave in hair mask, but I rather rinse them out, so this is quite nice for me to try out

Naobay Body Radiance Lotion (sample worth approx 69p based on full size priced at £14) 
- It contains organic olive and avocado oil as well as organic shea butter. it is light in texture and very moisturising, although I think the smell let it down a bit, as there is a chemical smell (it could be the avocado oil) that the lemon fragrance couldn't cover up. It did disappear after absorbed though.

Caudalie Vinoperfect SPF15 Day Perfecting Fluid (sample worth approx £9.50 based on full size priced at £38.00)
For a 10ml product I think the bottle is a bit too big? Most of it is air so I had to squeeze a bit to get some out. 

The fluid itself has a slightly powdery texture, with a light concealer colour. It's suppose to brighten and even skintone so maybe that's why. It smells quite nice (Aqua) and fresh, and quick to absorb. Skin feels powdery soft afterwards, like you've been buffed with baby powder. I quite like this.

Note that I've calculated the estimated price for each sample, as I found it a bit misleading to say that the box of sample is worth the total price of full size products for £12.95 (subscription fee for 1 box plus p&p). The estimated total price for my June Birchbox is £23.29, which is still quite good, and it's the novelty, surprise factor (they made the box of sample looks like a mini gift hamper) and getting to try out new products that counts.

27/6/2014 Update: Few hours after applying the Naobay Lotion on my arms (I never do allergy test on my wrist as I was never allergic to any cosmetics), the area of where the cream was started to turn red, and hives started to appear not long after. It has become unbearably itchy and it was spreading to my upper arms. I had to take antihistamine to stop it.

Allergy reaction can happen to people, but not necessarily everyone. I will try to remember to do a wrist test next time.