Monday, 9 June 2014

Fathers' Day Presents from My 1st Years

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It's Fathers' Day this Sunday, have you sorted the present(s) out yet? I've bought tickets to the Summer Good Food Show for this Saturday, and hubby has requested to take a detour to the university we studied in and met. Present is also almost ready, and we are looking forward to the weekend!

A lot of people say that it's hard to buy presents for the ladies, but I find that it's equally hard to buy something for the gents! I think the safest option is to buy something that is personalised with your own message for keepsake as they'll never get old.

My 1st Years has a lovely selection of quality personalised gifts that doesn't just focus on babies, but the mums and dads too. The above is just a selection of what they have for the brilliant dads, and they all come gift boxed as well.

Top to bottom, left to right:

"I <3 My Dad" Limited Edition Cufflinks - £18.00
- Although not personalised, every dad should have a pair of these!

Dad & Son Photo Frame - £20.00
- A great reminder of the amazing time spent together!

Personalised Cocktail Shaker - £25.00
- They'll be thinking of the kids while shaking up a good cocktail for sure!

Silver-plated Engraved Golf Set - £20.00
- perfect for the golf lovers, even though they might not use the set for play!

Don't forget to sort your last minute gifts as soon as possible, especially if you are buying from the Internet!