Monday, 16 June 2014

LolliBop Taster Event

We have been busy planning our Summer holidays! One more month and I'll be facing 2 fully charged kids who has no where else to release that energy every day for 2 good months (eeek!), so we are trying to squeeze in as many activities as we can afford to. So far we have the Foodies Festival, Longleat Safari Park, the sea side, Thorpe Park, family visits and Lollibop Festival lined up. I'll probably have to shove in some indoor soft plays as well to give them a doze of germs to keep their guards up!

How is your planning coming along? Have you bought your tickets for the places you are going yet? What about the Lollibop Festival? I know a lot of people are still not sure what they should expect from a children festival, well, now you can have a feel for yourself as LolliBop are bringing you a taster event you can attend before the actual Festival, to give you and your little ones a taste of the LolliBop fun!

The Lollibop is bringing you Pirates and Princesses on Board the Lolli Rodger sessions:

Held on Sunday 6th July 2014
Session 1: 11am to 12:30pm
Session 2: 1pm to 2:30pm
starting at Butler's Wharf, SE1 2LX, and ends at Westminster Bridge
with entertainers Sharky & George
Adults can enjoy a relaxing drink
Little ones will be having fun participating in treasure hunts, sword and wand decorating, tiara and pirate hat making, catapulting water bomb cannon balls and dance at the mini disco

Tickets are £10 each for both adults and children (aged 4 to 10 only), and each adult must be accompanied by a child. Tickets can be bought here, please do check their Terms and Conditions.

The taster event certainly sounds fun! Wish we can be there but we live too far to make frequent trip to London! If you live nearby however, or you are happy to travel, it'll be a fantastic day out for the family, and it can act as a little pre-Summer fun for the kids to look forward to the actual Summer holiday!