Thursday, 12 June 2014

London What to Do - In the Night Garden Live

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Less than 2 years ago, we went to watch In the Night Garden Live in Manchester, and Clay really enjoyed it. Even Abby, who was 4 at that time and has grown out of the show, couldn't hide her giggles at times. We then moved on to watching Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Live, as it was more for our kids when it was showing last year, and we all loved it! I think the team behind the 2 shows are amazing! We will be watching their brand new The Octonauts live show later this year too (more information and a giveaway for a family ticket to follow!). Between the 3 and Peppa Pig Live, they have covered quite a wide range of audience. The shows are also really funny and they get the kids involved too, so it's really worth going!

The 2014 In the Night Garden live show will be showing in London on the 21st June 2014 for a month in Richmond Old Deer Park, if you live in or near London area, don't miss out! Each ticket includes a Souvenir Activity Brochure that's worth £7 too. I just checked and the premium tickets are going really fast so grab yours while you still can, I'm sure the little ones will love it! For those outside London, why not make it a family weekend trip to London? There is so much to see and do!


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The place for sightseeing in Richmond has to be the botanic garden - Kew Gardens. It's one of the most famous botanic gardens in the world and it covers a massive area as well. Landmarks including the great Pagoda and the King's Observatory nearby. I wonder whether you can get close to it?

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The park is situated next to the River Thames as well, and you can take a boat trip from Richmond's St Helena Pier to Kingston or Hampton Court, where the Hampton Court Palace is. When we go to London, we tend to remain within the city centre. I think next time we'll change our route and visit the above instead!

If you prefer to hang around Central London, you can get there in no time through the underground and overground network. You can then visit museums (British Museum and Natural History Museum, etc), theatres for more shows, the high street, Covent Garden and Harrods for fantastic shopping experience, as well as all the tourist attractions including Big Ben, London Eye and Buckingham Palace.


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A quick look at tripadvisor shows me that the best Fish and Chips in Richmond (and number 2 best restaurant in Richmond) is from Pier 1, they even have a professional looking website too! I don't know why but when we visit a new place, we always check for the best chippy in the area! We know where to go next time!

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Yes! One of Jamie Oliver's restaurant - Jamie's Italian Trattoria is situated in Richmond and it's not far from the Old Deer Park either! You might want to book a table as soon as you've booked In the Night Garden Live tickets though, popular chefs' restaurants tends to get booked up real quick!

If you prefer to eat in central London, there is so many restaurants available I'm not sure which to recommend. I heard that Burger & Lobster is nice, or if you love spicy food, I'd highly recommend Nandos.


I think the hardest part of organising a London trip is the accommodation. Hotels can be really expensive unless you are happy to walk a bit further from the popular areas, or compromise comfort for affordability. One thing is for sure, you should always book way in advance, or book really late through websites such as (although you might risk not finding any affordable ones!).

For those who are only using the room for rest, and would like to shorten the travelling time as much as possible, inns near a station you will pass by during your trip will be most suited. So if you are travelling between Richmond and central London, a comfortable inn without too much fancy features and fascilities such as Holiday Inn London - Kensington Forum near Gloucester Road station or Holiday Inn London - MayFair near Green Park station would be a good choice.

If you are planning a trip to London for In the Night Garden Live, do plan in advance and your trip will be packed with fun and things to see!