Friday, 13 June 2014

Mario Kart 8 Challenge 2: Design your own Racing Track

I can understand why Abby decided to let me do this. It's really hard to draw your concept for a racing track. Should it be top view? Side view? 3D track for better understanding? How to walk a reader through the track without building the whole track out?!  Perhaps we should have built the track using LEGO, but that would be a big project and there just aren't enough blues in our collection to give you that Frozen feel. So I'll try my best to explain what we have in mind with the limited help of the above top view image. I recommend you to put your super imagination power cap on as well for better understanding!

Racing Track - Frozen

The track is shaped like a snowflake, and instead of starting and finishing at the same point, each playing character starts at a different point (number 1 to 6), and finish at any of the starting point.

The drive:
From a side view, the track forms a V shape. When a playing character enters the track, they have to drive around the track along the top level clockwise once. They then drive down a bumpy steep slope to reach the second level, and drive around the second level anti-clockwise once. They drive once more down another bumpy steep slope to reach the bottom, and land in a fast spinning turntable. Players will have to find a way to get out of the spinner, up any of the slope, drive around the second level clockwise this time, up the slope again and drive anti-clockwise around the top level. The first playing character to reach a starting point wins.

There are 3 major obstacles on each level, and 1 challenge at the bottom of the "pit" The usual Mario Mart 8 obstacles applies as well

Top level
Snowballs Attack - snowballs are shot across the track from different angles
Pop Up Ice Shards - icicles will randomly shoot up from the ground
Howling Wind - a strong wind will blast from one side of the track, and then the other side a bit further

Second level
Mischievous Yetis - a few yetis will be doing all sorts to the playing characters, for example chasing after them, throwing snowballs at them and stomping
Giant Hailstones - will fall from the sky
Sparkling Diamonds - Playing characters will interact with mushroom shaped diamonds sparkling around the area and it's down to the players to keep them in control!

Bottom of the pit
Spinning Turntable - spins non stop, but if the players timed it right, they can still maneuver their character out of it. Characters will be dizzy for a length of time once they came out from the turntable, and the duration depends on how long they've been stuck at the bottom

Power Ups:
The usual Mario Kart 8 power ups and bonus coins applies

I agree that this is nothing like the racing tracks in Mario Kart 8, but did our challenge and we are proud of it!