Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Summer Football Guide for Families

Image from http://www.independent.co.uk/

After much anticipation, the World Cup is finally here! And despite losing our first two games, England is still in the competition – just! So think positive, have faith and get the whole family involved by following our summer football guide!

Get everyone involved
Your kids will probably not need much encouragement to get involved with the World Cup but what about your parents? If you’ve got older relatives who can’t quite make it round to your home for the football frenzy then head over to theirs – McCarthy & Stone retirement properties are spacious and private enough for a great big family gathering so you won’t miss out on any part of the experience.

Know the schedule
Always plan your family football parties around the football! Rio is 4 hours behind the UK so some games may be too late for little ones but there are games that start at 5pm and 8pm (UK time) and you can always record any later games which are of interest to watch together later.

To see the full game schedule, check out the FIFA website. You could even print it out and hang it on the wall so that each family member can highlight the matches which are important to them.

Get active!
To keep both the kids and adults entertained pre and post-match, hold some football related activities. Now summer has arrived, you could hold your own mini football game outside to get your family in the mood before the match starts. Each team could even take on the role of the countries about to do battle in Brazil!
Another activity that will bring a bit of competition to the party is predictions. It doesn’t matter if you are predicting final scores, who gets a goal or who gets sent off, everyone can write down what they predict before the game starts and be awarded prizes after the game for any correct guesses.

Don’t forget to feed the team
The popularity of football is bound to attract the cousins, uncles, aunts and grandparents so make sure you have a full fridge ready to feed them! After all, an army can’t march on an empty stomach and a football team can’t play on one either!

To make sure you don’t miss any football action while slaving over a hot stove, get some finger food such as crisps, vegetable batons, dips and sausage rolls ready beforehand so that people can nibble throughout the game. At half time, you could bring out some burgers and other goodies or even have a stab at making traditional cuisine from the countries playing in that night’s matches.

Set the scene
Before kick-off, get everyone to bring some football memorabilia and scatter it around the living room. Hang up posters, including your World Cup schedule, and make sure there are enough comfy chairs for everyone.
Lastly, enjoy the family time and in the words of ITV, “brace yourself; it’s going to be emotional!”

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