Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Thinking Slimmer - End of 12 Weeks Program using SlimPod

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12 weeks ago, I participated in Thinking Slimmer's 12 weeks slimming program using one of their hypnotherapy track slimpod. I started off being quite unhappy with my ever increasing weight, but I'm not an active person, and I love my food, so exercising and dieting is a no for me. So I gave the slimpod a try, because I know that, if I want to get on with losing weight, my first obstacle is myself.

The results were amazing for the first 6 weeks. Not only did I lose weight every week, I also found that I was in amazing control of my food and drinks intake. It wasn't difficult at all, and I didn't feel restricted either. I had no problem saying no to my favourite food, and I actually heard my body (figuratively speaking of course) telling me that it's full. I've even stopped thinking that I have a dessert stomach! I remember reading somewhere that a person started to lose that control when they are about 3 years old (that's why the baby led feeding suggestion), and I definitely felt in control!

Around week 4 I started to feel that I'm happy to be a bit more active. I'm happy to walk or even jog further, I wanted to see what's over there instead of just wanting to stay put here.

By the end of week 6, my jeans felt loose around my thighs, I lost a dress size and managed to fit into my Summer clothes from the previous year. I was really happy that my bra size has gone a bit smaller as well!

After week 6, there was a mix of things. I was stressed out, I had to look after sick children, and eventually I was sick myself as well. I also think that, keeping a record of little changes each day really helped, but after the 6th week I've stopped writing them down, so there was ups and downs during the last 6 weeks.

Even though the last 6 weeks weren't as successful as the first 6 weeks, the changes is still obvious (I'm still listening to Slimpod of course):

I baked but I never ate everything anymore
Fizzy drinks is a treat, not a daily drink to go with every meal
Coffee with coffee mate doesn't taste right anymore. Milk will do now
Banana as a snack isn't as bad as I used to think
A packet of crisp isn't as appealing as it used to
I hardly crave for something specific anymore. (Apart from meat. Without meat I'll go hungry. I'll die without meat!)
I use bowls to eat instead of plates.
My favourite cereals are way to sweet for me!

etc etc

I still have a long way to go to be healthy again, but I'm working towards it. Although the result takes longer to achieve (as Thinking Slimmer has pointed out, it took years for me to pile the weight on!), I know it last longer too. During the final 6 weeks it wasn't great because of a lot of factors, but my measurements didn't go up, so that is something!

Another thing about Thinking Slimmer I like is that, even though it's mostly down to myself to stick to the basic rules and listening to the slimpod, they provide an amazing support from both the staff and community. It's up to you how much support you want to get as well, so there is no pressure at all (the pressure comes from yourself of course)!

If you struggle with dieting and exercising like I do, you should definitely give Thinking Slimmer a go! I know I'll be continuing with mine!