Friday, 20 June 2014

What not to Plant in Your Garden

After 3 years, our garden has finally settled down (we rebuilt our garden to make it family friendly). All the plants and bushes are looking healthy and bushy, and the apple trees are full of baby apples. It's really exciting to see the garden looking so healthy, compared to when I just started setting it up. I've spent hours researching on gorgeous plants and buying their seeds, only to find that I'm just not good at growing something from seed. At least the garden is getting there now.

While researching on plants, I noticed that quite a lot of them aren't really suitable for children (or pets) friendly gardens. Some common ones like Foxglove, Hyacynth and Bluebells can cause minor skin irritation to actually being poisonous. It's wise to check each plant out before you buy. Here are some of the most dangerous plants in the World (some can be found in the UK) that you'd definitely want to avoid!

Provided by Spalding Bulb

Disclosure: Contains sponsored materials, though I find it really interesting to share. The list is fairly long and these are just a few examples