Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Activities for all ages: How to keep all the kids happy

Finding age-suitable activities for your kids can be tough, especially if your brood have larger gaps between their ages.

Luckily, there are a number of activities and days out that transcend age barriers and keep kids and adults occupied (and out of mischief) for hours on end. If you’re looking for a little bit of inspiration for the upcoming weekend, here are some fantastic activities that are guaranteed to entertain every single time.

Warner Bros Studio Tours

Appealing to young and old alike, Harry Potter is a story that captures the imaginations of parents and kids of all ages. This makes a trip to the Warner Bros Studio an ideal day out for all the family, with the studio tour offering something for everyone.

Younger kids will love meeting the animatronic creatures while older children will be fascinated by the outstanding special effects and parents can enjoy the unique experience of visiting a real life film studio and exploring original sets.

Click here to find out more about Harry Potter World and the range of tours and activities available.

Trip to the beach

Another activity perfect for kids of all ages is a trip to the beach. Luckily, you’re never too far from a beach in the UK and that makes a visit to the seaside possible for most families.

Whether it’s a long sandy beach, a short pebbly beach or a stoney beach strewn with rock pools, you and your kids will have a great time relaxing in the sun.

To make a real day of it, take your own picnic or BBQ along and enjoy a bit of al fresco family dining. You’ll want to make sure that you pack all the necessary essentials like suncream, sun hats and glasses though – especially as the UK is currently experiencing a rather warm summer!

Back garden slide

If you don’t want to go to all the effort of organising a daytrip but still want to have fun as a family, a great stay-at-home activity is making a back garden water slide.

All you’ll need is a length of plastic sheeting like a tarpaulin (be carful to remove any eyelets as they can be sharp and cause injuries), some washing up liquid and some water. Pour a bit of washing up liquid onto the plastic, add water and voila, your very own water slide.

You’ll need to make sure that everyone is safe when enjoying themselves but this is a really great way for all the family to enjoy themselves outside. Make sure everyone takes it in turns to use the slide to avoid any accidents or injuries and make sure you avoid going outside over the lunch period when the sun is at its highest, and its rays strongest, as this can increase the likelihood of conditions such as sunburn and sunstroke.

Ultimately, whether your kids are 4 or 14, they’ll love throwing themselves down the slippery slide and watching you get involved too. Add some water guns or water balloons into the mix and you’ve got an afternoon of wet and wonderful excitement in the comfort of your own home!

Disclosure: This is a guest post