Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Birchbox UK July 2014 - Sun, Sea & Sand

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The exciting and agonising wait is over (for now!) and I've finally received my July's Birchbox last week! I have been eyeing at other people's boxes on Instagram before mine has arrived and there was already a mix review about this month's box. I have to say that I was glad I really like my box!

This month's Birchbox theme is Sun, Sea & Sand that comes with beauty samples (and a lifestyle extra) to get us through the hottest season. Each box comes with specific samples as well as random ones, so not all boxes are exactly the same. My July 2014 Birchbox came with the following:

Laqa & Co Sheer Lip Lube Pencil in Bees Knees (sample worth approx £4.69)
Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream (sample worth approx £9.33)
Benefit The Porefessional (sample worth approx £8.35)
Whish Three Whishes Lavender Body Butter (sample worth approx £2.06)
Gilchrist & Soames English Spa Sea Kelp Extract Mineral Bath (sample worth approx £1.91)

and a Lifestyle extra

The Chia Co Shots (sample worth approx. £0.50)

Each Birchbox comes with a Birchbox magazine and a card that tells you what's in the box and how to use them.

The box of samples is worth approx. £26.84, and you pay £12.95 with the basic monthly subscription (including p&p).

In my case, the July box is definitely better than my June box! For a start, I love the smell of all the beauty products in this box! Fragrance is quite high on my pull factor list, so that's a plus plus already. I love the variety, there is creams for face and body, and makeup too. And the fact that I wasn't allergic to anything in this box, and many people vouch for 3 of the products made my money worth it.

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream
Now part of my daily skincare routine. It's light and absorbs quickly, and doesn't leave that long lasting stickiness on my eye lid that some others does. It's suppose to brighten the eye area and keep wrinkles at bay. Probably too early to prove it but unless I found something else that feels more comfortable on my skin or does a miracle, instant effect job, it's my favourite eye cream.

Whish Three Whishes Lavender Body Butter 
Love this body butter! It is easy to spread (so a little goes a long way), nourishing and moisturising, yet light in weight and absorbs quickly. The fragrance is long lasting and even though it said Lavender which is normally very strong, it's very likable. I think it smells more like lavender milk.

Gilchrist & Soames English Spa Sea Kelp Extract Mineral Bath
I'm saving this for our holiday next week! It's definitely a Sun, Sea & Sand product, and I can't wait to soak myself in this! I used a bit in the shower and it felt really gentle on the skin and makes my skin feel really soft.

Laqa & Co Sheer Lip Lube Pencil in Bees Knees
Although not my colour (I can't do coral as the orange tint makes my skin look yellow), I like their lip lube. It's very easy to glide on my lips, and it kept them moisturised, yet it's not sticky or heavy at all like other lip balm or lip gloss. The coral colour is actually more pink than orange, but it's quite a light pink so I think it'll suit people with fairer skin.

Benefit The Porefessional
Another award-winning product from Benefit in the Birchbox! I really like the It's Real mascara in June's box, and I really like the Porefessional too! It has a very delicate texture that is hardly there, and as soon as you smooth over your pores, it evens the skin texture out. In the picture above you can see my pores on my hand *quickly slaps some hand cream on* but the area inside the blue circle is much smoother and you can see the lines filled with the Porefessional. I've applied it on my face and it definitely makes my face looks smoother.

Definitely a keeper!

The Chia Co Shot
I'm not one to add vitamins/ superfood in my food even though it said it's tasteless. So I don't think I'll try this out, but the idea is nice.

Overall, I'm really happy with this month's Birchbox and the sample sizes are perfect! I'll be looking forward to next month's box while using these!

Favourite product: Whish Three Whishes Lavender Body Butter
Products I like: 5/6
Products I'll consider buying again: 3/6
Products I'll pass on: 2/6