Thursday, 31 July 2014

Dream House

When Abby was one and a half years old, we decided to move from the new built flat we were happily living in. Our priority is to move to an area with lots of primary school choices so that Abby can get into a good school, and even if she couldn't get into her first choice, there would be other choices nearby. We were very lucky to have found such an area, and even though our house isn't perfect, the neighbourhood is fantastic and there are 3 great primary schools nearby.

Now that Clay is 3 years old, we have reached the stage where we have to reconsider our options. Our 2 bedroom house has just enough space for the 4 of us to live in at the moment, but we can't add anymore furniture that we desperately need. Abby can do with a proper desk to do her homework, and her stationery and school stuff is piling up by the year. She also need somewhere to store and display things where Clay can't reach and break apart. I've been adding more and more beauty products to my collection and have officially taken over the whole bathroom, where as hubby has taken over the dining table for his beloved shrimps and fish tank (we eat at the kiddy table).

To add more furniture to the house, we need more space. And to get that space, our obvious option is to move. It's a very hard decision though as we really love the area, and houses here aren't easily available. When it comes to decisions like this, I tend to think about the easier things first. So instead of thinking about where to move, house hunting and finance, I started to think about dual sink in the bathroom, bigger bathroom cabinets, a proper vanity table in our room, fish tank table, large desk for Abby, wardrobes for the kids, etc etc. Google Images is definitely my best friend as I get to discover a lot of interesting things from companies I normally wouldn't have heard of, like trade furniture. I came across the above picture and started imagine myself living in there! The floor will be carpeted of course due to 2 noisy kids and their noisy toys, and how I wish the kids won't touch the fragile stuff! But look at all that space and light! We are more the modern type, but the dark oak furniture in the picture is growing on me! Obviously, real life hits and we are back to "let's focus on moving first" stage, but one can always dream and plan their dream house right?