Monday, 7 July 2014

Dyson Air Multiplier Fan - Safe, Quiet and Powerful

Dyson Cooling Fan, Bladeless Fan, Dyson AM06

Last month I was invited to Dyson's latest Air Mutliplier Fan launch event, which was certainly eye and ear opening. I've heard about their bladeless technology back in 2009 when they've launched their first cooling fan, but it was all a mystery to us. How does it work? Is it just a gimmick? We never went to find out until last month, and we are glad we have as it was the fan we should have gone for years ago when we had Abby.

Dyson Cooling Fan, Bladeless Fan, Dyson AM06
Left: PR photo. Way better than my own!
Dyson Cooling Fan, Bladeless Fan, Dyson AM06
1 of 65 Dyson Air Multiplier Fan engineers
Dyson Cooling Fan, Bladeless Fan, Dyson AM06
For those who likes to see what's inside
Stock photo
At the event, we were given plenty of time to mingle with other bloggers, while checking out the different Dyson Cool models, as well as the fun experience booths (the one with the mosquito sound made me cringe!). The latest Dyson Cool claims to be

75% quieter than it's previous model, while maintaining the powerful airflow

We found that, with it's modern and stylish design, it is much easier to clean, safe for little fingers, and way quieter than a normal fan too. But how does it work? 

The informative press team and Dyson's engineer explained to us that there is a mini brushless fan inside the cylinder, which takes in the air from the bottom (while keeping most of the dust out), and squeezes it through the loop amplifier at the top, then squeezes it further through a small groove around the edge at the back of the loop. This air compression pushes the air out with high velocity, providing the powerful airflow that seems like is coming out from nowhere.

However, with high velocity comes turbulence and noise, as well as the annoying whirling sound not unlike the wing beating tone from a mosquito. The 65 Dyson engineers has been working hard for the past many years and have succeeded in taming the noise from the high velocity air by creating a larger space at the loop amplifier base. The reduced airflow obstructions means less turbulence and hence less noise. They also managed to eliminate the mosquito-like tone by adding a Helmholtz (Hz) cavity in the base of the machine that dissipates sound waves.

Their hard work has been paid for and the new Air Multiplier Technology has been awarded the Quiet Mark from the Noise Abatement Society.

Dyson Cooling Fan, Bladeless Fan, Dyson AM06
Left: Old model
Comparing noise level of old and latest models
Dyson Cooling Fan, Bladeless Fan, Dyson AM06
Comparing noise level between a standard fan, original Dyson Cool and latest Dyson Cool at maximum speed
To show us the difference, they've set up an experience room at their stand for people to listen to the noise made from different fans at their maximum speed, and the difference was obvious! The latest Dyson Cool was definitely much quieter than the standard fan and the previous Dyson Cool model.

We were left feeling impressed, and were looking forward to reviewing the latest Dyson Cool ourselves at our own home. After all, trialing should be done where it is being used.

Dyson Cooling Fan, Bladeless Fan, Dyson AM06

We were sent the Dyson AM06 Desk Fan (12") in Black/ Nickel (rrp £250.00; also comes in White/ Silver and Iron/ Blue, both rrp £220.00) to review. The Dyson Cool comes with a remote control, 2 years warranty and instruction manual. The desk fan comes in 10 speed, can be tilted up/ down (manually like a standard fan) at the base (see picture below), turn (oscillation), and has a sleep timer function to set the fan to turn off at preset intervals ranging from 15 minutes to 9 hours.

Dyson Cooling Fan, Bladeless Fan, Dyson AM06

Dyson Cooling Fan, Bladeless Fan, Dyson AM06

Dyson Cooling Fan, Bladeless Fan, Dyson AM06

Child Friendly

The Dyson Cool looks stylish and modern, and will look perfect in a modernised house. With the price and its look, we do see it as a posh item that should be in either the living room or our bedroom. But the kids' cheapy desk fan just broke (within a week of getting it. Talk about false economy!), and to be honest, Dyson Cool is the only real child friendly fan I have ever come across, so naturally (and reluctantly) we've placed it in their room.

The kids have proved how child friendly the fan is. We've placed it on the floor ever since as the kids are sleeping on a mattress. They have moved it, knocked it over, shoved their head inside the loop, tilted it, dragged it around and dropped it within 2 weeks. It took hubby a couple of days to get used to letting the kids "play" with an expensive "toy".


Initially it was a bit hard to tell whether the Dyson Cool was really that quiet or not. At maximum speed in the children's room, it was still fairly loud, and the 2 standard fans we have (1 large desk fan, 1 pedestal fan) seem to be (I'm not really sure as we're used to the idea of noisy means strong) more powerful than the Dyson Cool so it was a bit hard to compare.

After 2 weeks though, things were more obvious. For one, we were so used to our noisy fans that the noise Dyson Cool was producing at maximum speed was hardly bothering us. And then there is the fact that we hardly need to use the maximum speed. The kids' room is South facing so it's really warm when they go to bed, but it cools down pretty quickly and by the time we go up, we have to turn it down for them (I should really use the timer). On a cloudy Summer day we only use speed #5 for them, and while it was pretty cool (cold if you sit in front of it for long enough!), we could hardly hear anything.

The medium speed did cause us a bit of problem though. During the morning when the surrounding noise level increase, twice we didn't realise that it was still switched on until we went upstairs for something and noticed it moving! If you have it on a lower speed, I would strongly suggest you to keep the oscillation on!

Remote Control

One thing I worried about was losing the fairly small remote control.  It's magnetised so it will attach to the top of the fan, but having the fan on the floor now means that the kids can just take it whenever they want, and Clay has a tendency to move things around the whole house. It's good to know that it's still there after 2 weeks. Abby misplaced it once within the room, but she has soon found it (just before I started telling her off). I'm sure I can request or buy a replacement through their official site. We found out at the launch event that one remote controls all, which was quite funny to see. But it will be very handy if a replacement is required.

Dyson Cooling Fan, Bladeless Fan, Dyson AM06

I've attached a few strands of shredded plastic on the loop for the above pictures, otherwise it's quite hard to tell that the fan is actually on! The video shows you the difference of the noise at maximum and medium speed, do bear in mind that my recorder has enhanced the volume, so it's best to focus on the difference. 

Overall we are very pleased with the Dyson Cool. I agree that it is a fairly expensive fan, but the fact that it's child friendly and comes with 2 years warranty, it's durable (like all the other Dyson products) and let alone stylish, makes it worth spending on. Don't forget about false economy, our £15 fan only lasted us 1 week, and standard fans require tedious cleaning.