Friday, 25 July 2014

Guest Post - Joanne from Opposable Thumbs

Joanne Mallon, Career Coach, Korean Beauty Bargains

Today's guest post is written by the lovely lady from Opposable Thumbs - Joanne. Back in 2011 when I just started blogging, Joanne was looking for quotes to add to the book she was working on - Toddlers: An Instruction Manual: A Guide to Surviving the Years One to Four (Written by Parents, for Parents) and she has kindly added my quote into her now 4.5 out of 5 stars book, even though I was a very new blogger. She has been an inspiration to me ever since, and not just on blogging!

Top 5 Korean beauty bargains

Joanne Mallon, Career Coach, Korean Beauty Bargains

This is Joanne from Opposable Thumbs and I am here to apologise to Angela. You see, I have been costing her too much money. Every since I started blogging about my Korean beauty bargains, I have given Angela the bug.

So by way of apology, here are some wallet-friendly top Korean beauty bargains I have enjoyed recently which are fun and effective to use. All of these have been bought by me with my hard earned Joannecash, used on my very own fortysomething face and wouldn’t be recommended to you unless I thought they were good.

So why Korean skincare in particular? Well, it’s renowned for being high quality and cutting edge - some experts reckon that Asian skincare is at least 10 years ahead of what’s available in the West. And because skin care is taken so seriously in Korea, you can often pick up what might be regarded as high end in the UK, at high street prices. Plus the packaging is generally super cute.

The only down side to these is that you might have to wait a long time for them to ship from Korea - typically around 1-2 weeks.

1. TonyMoly Petite BunnyGloss Bar - I love this. It’s slightly denser than a lip balm, but not quite a gloss. Plus it smells of fruit, costs under £3 and looks like a little bunny, what more could you want in your handbag?

2. Holika Holika JewelLight Waterproof Eyeliner - Beauty experts reckon that this is a good dupe for the Urban Decay pencil, which retails at £15, whereas this is only £2.90. I ordered this in brown, and it’s got a soft amount of sparkle so it will light up your eyes without giving you disco face.

3. TonyMoly Red Applehand cream - I absolutely love this, it looks so cute and smells delicious. All of these items are from BeautyNetKorea who have lots of interesting stuff, do free worldwide shipping and always chuck in a load of extra free sample sachets.

4. Face masks - Sheet masks are a Korean specialty, and yes you will look a bit odd when you’ve got the white paper mask on your face, but you will look FABULOUS afterwards. I like these collagen masks from A Beautiful World which are only £10 for a pack of 5. Or for a totally eye-popping bargain, take a look at iHerb. This is a sort of online health food shop, but the bit you want is the Trial Pricing section, where you can buy individual items to try out. Face masks are only 0.50c for two, what a steal. The haul  of face, hand and eye masks pictured here cost me around £3 in total.

5. Memeboxes - These Korean beauty boxes contain around 6-8 items, a mixture of sample and full size, and retail value is usually at least triple what you paid for it. I must admit I’m addicted to these boxes, but luckily the company is very generous with discount codes and points, so you never need pay full price for them. Use code IH887C in July to get $5 off any purchase.

Have you ever tried Korean beauty products? Do these bargains tempt you?