Monday, 28 July 2014

Guest Post - Sabina from Mummy Matters

If you have been reading family and parenting blogs, you might have come across Sabina's blog Mummy Matters. When I like a blog, I always wanted to find out more about the blogger behind it, so it's really nice of Sabina to tell us a bit more about herself here!

5 Things you might not know about me . . .

Well for starters, if you don’t read my blog then this could be a really easy post because you probably know nothing about me at all but I guess I need to go on the assumption that you *might have read my post therefore I can’t really tell you anything on here that I might have already blogged about.

1.       I used to speak German fluently but now I can barely put a sentence together.  At school German was my favourite language.  I loved languages altogether but German just seemed to flow for me.  Sadly since ‘growing up’ I haven’t had the need/opportunity to speak German to anyone and so it has gone completely by the wayside.  At some point in the future I would love to learn it again and possibly Italian too but not until the children are at school and I focus a little more of my time on me.

2.       I didn’t learn to swim until I was a teenager.  Despite my Mum taking me swimming most weekends I just didn’t ‘get’ swimming and had a fear of the water.  It wasn’t until I was at Grammar School that I finally got my act together.  For that reason, I insist that my children all have swimming lessons from a young age as I think it is so important that they learn to not be afraid of the water.

3.       I have two tattoos.  One on my bottom and one on back.  They are Chinese symbols, one with two symbols and one with three.  The one of my bottom means “truth” because I believe in always telling the truth and being true to yourself.  I really don’t like false people and liars.  The one on my back means “angel” because I have many loved ones in heaven and I think of them often.

4.       I used to bite my nails until they would bleed.  It’s a horrible habit and I’m so pleased that I stopped.  When I was at Grammar School a friend of my Mum’s challenged me to stop biting my nails and if I did she would buy me a pretty manicure set so that I could look after my nails.  So I stopped, just like that!  She bought me the manicure set and I have never looked back since although I would really love to have a proper manicure as the only time I have ever had a manicure was the day before my wedding!

5.       I used to want to be a mechanic!  My Grandad was a mechanic who worked on big lorries and I used to love being around the garage where he worked.  I loved the smell of the oil and the grease and the sound of the engines revving.  Obviously I never went into that trade BUT I did work in the motor trade and it was the only job where I have walked in and felt like I was “home”.  Walking through the workshop and being reminded of the smells from my childhood, seeing the dirty overalls and hearing the engines revving took me right back to memories of my Grandad and always with a smile on my face.  I met my Husband working in the motor trade, perhaps that was my Grandad’s influence?

So now you know a little bit more about me, why not pop over to my place to find out more about me and my family.  I promise you, we don’t bite . . .