Tuesday, 15 July 2014

I am not Prepared!

(If you are a World of Warcraft player, you'll get my title!)

Sooo. I thought we are ready for our holiday, and all I needed to do is pack. It seems like I really need this holiday because I've been delusional. I'm so not prepared! I don't have the right tops and I need a pair of holiday trousers. Both kids need new sandals, and Abby's T-shirts are too warm for this weather (are we still in Britain?). I ordered my contact lenses late and there is a chance I won't have any for the next 2 weeks either. I think the organised and alert me has gone on holiday without me! Let's see whether the Last Minute me can pull things together!

Images from Debenhams website
Images from Debenhams website

It's quite easy for me I think, I just need to pop into Debenhams and grab a few more vests, which are surprisingly affordable, comfortable and flattering, from their The Collection range. I have the deep aqua one, and I'm eyeing on the purple and light blue! I might grab an extra pair of cropped trousers from Mantaray as well. The one above is quite nice, hopefully it'll suit me! I wish I can pull off Mantaray's Summer dresses as I really love their beach holiday prints, but I doubt I can. Maybe next year. Maybe.

Images from Regatta Outlet website

The kids' sandals are going to give me a bit more problem. They are either ugly, flimsy or bad for their foot development, or quite expensive for a few weeks' wear. That's why I love outlets! They sell brands' old stock for an affordable price! Like the one for Regatta, they sell all sorts of quality outdoor clothing and gear at a more affordable price. I like the sandals in the pictures, and they are only £12.50 each, half of it's original price. And! They are doing a 3 for 2 deal as well! Bargain!

Maybe ordering online isn't a good idea for me at the moment as we only have 1 week left (Yeaaaaayyyy!!). it's good that we have a Regatta outlet in Cheshire Oaks! We might just pop in this weekend to take a look, and maybe pop into their Next's outlet as well for Abby's tops!

Are you ready for your Summer Holiday, or are you as last minute as I am?