Wednesday, 9 July 2014

July is the Time to Plan for Christmas

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I can hear you! No, I'm not mad and I'm really looking forward to our Summer holiday (Foodies Festival, Thorpe Park, beach side, Longleat Safari Park, LolliBop and a trip to London all lined up!), but to let trade and us media people have enough time to sort out our Christmas features, companies showcase their Christmas products in July. So many of us are already planning ahead for Christmas without the public knowing it.

Thing is, this festivity feel does get to you and even though it's still Summer and really warm (is that another heat wave coming?!), I started to long for Christmas, and even Abby is saying that she's looking forward to Winter (she doesn't do well with heat). Last year's Christmas we spent a whole week doing nothing with the family, apart from over eating ourselves. It was comfortable and cosy, but some of us just wanted to go out for some fresh air. Perhaps this year we should plan to go somewhere, and if we do, booking anything will have to be done around now.

I'd definitely avoid any warm countries, because we want Christmas, and Christmas (to us) means cold (ideally with inches thick of snow), the smell of pine trees, the serenity when you walk into a forest where the snow muffles the surrounding sound, Christmas carol and twinkling Christmas decorations. I remember I was full of envy when I spotted my fellow bloggers spending their Christmas at amazing places, so this year, I'd definitely like to do at least one of the following:

Butlins Christmas Break
- As you know, I was one of 2013-2014 Butlins Ambassadors, and we were so eager to visit them for our first time, we took our ambassador break during last year's August Bank Holiday. How I wish we've waited and went around Christmas time instead! Butlins do seasonal themed breaks and their Christmas break looked amazing, with a Winter Wonderland inside the resort and Santa visiting too.

No matter whether I'll be selected again, I'd definitely want to look into a Christmas break at Butlins!

Everyone knows that Santa lives in Lapland. Instead of waiting for him to come and visit us, why don't we go and visit Father Christmas and Mrs Claus in Santa land instead?

Visit Santa in Lapland
- Everyone knows that Santa lives in Lapland. Instead of waiting for him to come and visit us, why don't we go and visit Father Christmas and Mrs Claus in Santa land instead? At least we can guarantee that he'll be the real Santa! And it's not just hanging around in the cold, unfamiliar country just to say hi to Santa. There is actually a lot of things to see and do! We can stay in Santa's Log Cabin, which looks as cosy as those little houses in a Christmas night painting, Santa's reindeers and elves, and Igloo too! I bet it'll be a magical trip!

Northern Lights
- It is said that the next 2 years are the best time to see the Northern Lights. It would be an amazing experience to see it for ourselves, and the best place to go is Tromso in Norway, which is said to be the "capital of the Arctic". I heard that the days are very short during the winter months, and with the expected high solar activities, you can most likely see the Aurora Borealis. Seeing it is definitely one I'd like to tick off my bucket list!

Or we can stay at home and occassionally visit the Christmas markets again *yawn*. I'd definitely like to do one of the above this year. Fingers crossed! What about you? It is a bit early to think about Christmas but if you want to book somewhere nice, this is probably the time to start planning!