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Memebox Superbox #42 - Birthday Box and Discount Codes

Memebox Discount, Korean Beauty Box, Memebox Superbox #42 Birthday Box

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Note that Cosmetics in Asia can mean both skincare and makeups

I've finally received my first Memebox! Ever since I learned about Memebox, the Korean beauty boxes, I couldn't stop getting excited about it. Unlike subscription beauty boxes, they offer assorted themed boxes at any time, and every so often there will be new boxes or new deals coming out, to keep their customers happy and busy while waiting for their previous orders to arrive.

Beauty boxes comes in diffrerent themes, it can be a makeup only box, skincare only box, mask box, a bit of everything box, etc, and some boxes are either 100% blind (you only have a name and general description to work with), half unboxed (with 1 or 2 spoilers) or fully unboxed (you can see exactly what you are going to get, like the Birthday box in this post). So there is always a box or more that suits you.

Themed boxes comes in different types. There are: (all prices are in USD)

Miniboxes, Colour boxes and Scent Boxes at $15 which comes with 3-4 full size/ deluxe sample size products
Memeboxes, which are normally $23 or $29 that comes with 4 to 7 full size and deluxe sample size products
Superboxes, which are normally $29 or $32 (some can be cheaper too) that comes with full size products only
Luckyboxes at $23, which comes with popular products from previous Memeboxes

Occasionally, Memebox will partner with top Korean beauty brands and offer brand-specific beauty boxes, which are generally at a higher price.

The most popular boxes are the Memebox Global number boxes (they are numbered without a name) and Luckyboxes (also numbered without a name). All boxes in the same theme will come with exactly the same products, so my Birthday box is exactly the same as other Birthday boxes. The only ones that random products can appear are the Luckyboxes, especially when they restock that particular box.

Shipping fee is by the box, and each box you pay $6.99 standard shipping fee or $25.99 for express delivery.

However, Memebox also offer Memebox value sets, where you can buy 2 or more boxes (boxes in the bundle are fixed, but they do have a lot of different combination on offer) together and have them delivered at the same time for $6.99 shipping fee (so per bundle instead of per box), and a free upgrade to express shipping as well.

Discounts and Meme points:
Here is how they encourage you to buy that extra box you wanted.

Scattered around the vlog and blog-spheres are discount codes, as well as VIP discounts, official website monthly discounts, over certain value discounts, affiliate links discounts, and 1-point-worth-$1 Meme points offers through buying specific boxes, giveaways, Memebox social media pages, offers to VIPs, etc etc. There are so many that if you have paid enough attention, you wouldn't need to pay a full price at all! I heard that the $15 off code is still working too (see below).

Still not convinced why you should give Korean beauty boxes a go? Take a look at my first Memebox review.

Memebox Discount, Korean Beauty Box, Memebox Superbox #42 Birthday Box

Memebox Discount, Korean Beauty Box, Memebox Superbox #42 Birthday Box

The Birthday Box , which is currently still available, cost $29, which is approx £21 including shipping, and comes with 4 full size products (one of them is a set of 4), all from the Korean brand i belivyu:

i belivyu All in One Hair & Body Wash (250ml, worth $14)
i belivyu Cube Sparkling Lemon Sugar Scrub (8g x 7, worth $24)
i belivyu Powder Wash Vitamin Face Cleanser (70g, worth $24)
i belivyu Flower Hand Cream (30ml x 4, worth $36)

Total value of this box is $98, although some say that Memebox over valued their products. However, as some of their products aren't available in the market (including Ebay), it's kind of the price to pay to get the good things here.

Memebox Discount, Korean Beauty Box, Memebox Superbox #42 Birthday Box

Memebox Discount, Korean Beauty Box, Memebox Superbox #42 Birthday Box

Memebox Discount, Korean Beauty Box, Memebox Superbox #42 Birthday Box

Asian beauty products are famous for their gorgeous packaging. and these 2 glass tubes are the main reason why I bought the Birthday box.

The Cube crumbles and melts when wet into a thick, creamy lather (a little bit like shaving foam I think but lighter) with real sugar grains that covers a wide area. Half a cube is more than enough for my face. As I used the Powder wash on my face, I tried a cube on my arms and it felt wonderful! It's so delicate yet you can feel the fine sugar (like caster sugar fine) working on your skin.

The lemon sugar scrub smells gorgeous (a bit like Sanctuary Spa products), and my arms felt amazingly smooth after use.

The Powder Wash was really interesting as well. I thought it was going to be grainy like its dried form, but it soon melted into a similar texture like the Cube, but without the sugar. The result is instant. My face felt so delicate and soft like it's been pampered with expensive products!

This one smells like roses at it's best.

Memebox Discount, Korean Beauty Box, Memebox Superbox #42 Birthday Box

I haven't tried the all in one in my hair, but the texture is definitely like shampoo. Another gorgeous, floral smelling product, and even though I didn't put body lotion on after, my skin remained soft for a very long time!

Memebox Discount, Korean Beauty Box, Memebox Superbox #42 Birthday Box

To be honest, we have lots of hand creams at home so I don't really need this, but I really like the Cube and Powder Wash! So I wasn't expecting much from them, but these are really good hand creams - moisturising, non greasy and easily absorbed. My favourite is the Rose smelling one (and I don't normally go for rose scents), then the orange flower one which I can't quite tell what it smells like, then Lavender. I'm not keen in the Jasmine like fragrance from the Sunflower one, so I'll be giving that away. They are all handbag sizes and are perfect for going out.

Abby has since stolen my Rose hand cream! I'm looking forward to sharing all my beauty products with her when she gets older though!

Although not one of the best value box from Memebox, I still love it. I love all the products in the box (apart from one of the hand creams), and I will be using them all up!

Favourite product: Cube Sparkling Lemon Sugar Scrub
Products I like: 6/7 (as I like 3/4 of the hand creams)
Products I'll consider buying again: 2/4
Products I'll pass on: 1/7


Memebox July 2014 Discounts

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Receive 5 Meme points from buying the following boxes

Memebox Special #7 Milk
Memebox Special #6 Whole Grain

Next up will be one of the most popular box from Memebox - From Nature. I got the box after they restocked it, and I have to agree with everyone else, it's definitely a good box!