Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Reliable Delivery

When the Government announced that part of the postal service will be privatised, I sympathised with the Royal Mail. We do like our local postmen, and then there is Postman Pat. However, as more and more of my parcels sent to me through First or Second Class Royal Mail service has gone missing, I thought that privatising postal service is not such a bad idea at all.

As a blogger who review a lot of things and constantly work with brands and their PRs, reputation is fairly important to me. I always make sure that I will let them know that items has arrived and if there is a delay in reviews. They don't give me things for free after all, and it's my job to make sure that they get something in return, let it be a review or feedback.

But the amount of missing parcels (One PR had to sent a 3rd one on Signed For as the replacement went missing as well) has kind of ruined my reputation, and at least a couple of PRs has stopped working with me now because of Royal Mail's incompetent service.

When I told Royal Mail to investigate, because the missing rate for my address is ridiculously high, they told me that it happens (it never happens to Signed For or Registered Posts though), and if I want it trackable and guaranteed that they will arrive me, I should tell brands and PRs to post parcels through Signed For/ Registered Post (These will never fall off the shelf or the back of the van).

As they left me no choice, I have started doing that this year, while feeling totally crap about myself. Who do I think I am, to ask brands to send me samples through Signed For, or else there is a chance I won't be receiving (aka reviewing) them?

So obviously some of them has ignored my request and a parcel went missing. And then I had 2 PRs emailing me back saying that they didn't understand why it was happening as my parcel was the only one out of the lot (to other bloggers) that has gone missing. This can only mean 2 things, either someone at Royal Mail has marked my address as "worth stealing her parcels", or I'm the one hiding all these untrackable parcels and either not work for them or make brands send me a replacement so I can enjoy double the fun.

Can you understand why I'm so angry with Royal Mail?

The ideal case of course is that all companies post their parcels through reliable delivery companies such as TNT, but I can also understand that it's not worth sending a sample worth about £6.99 with a similar or higher priced service. So I'll just have to cross my fingers and hope that PRs can understand my situation when it comes to Royal Mail.