Friday, 18 July 2014

Rubik's Race

Rubik's Cube, Rubik's Race, Children game

If you've been around, you must have heard of the Rubik's Cube! I've listed it as a Summer Holidays Educational Toy, because it's all about logical thinking and hands eye coordination, so basically the tool for brain exercise, perfect for keeping the mind busy and ready for Back to School.

Rubik's doesn't just stop at the Cube, however! They've since created the Rubik's Twist, which allows you to form all sorts of shapes with it (see full review through the blue link above) and the Rubik's Race, all perfect for training your brain, hands and eyes!

I decided to feature Rubik's Race here instead, purely because I ran out of time to trial it before my Summer Holidays feature came out. It's still Learn through Play and would have fitted perfectly on the feature!

Rubik's Cube, Rubik's Race, Children game

The Rubik's Race (RRP £17.99, suitable for age 5+) Comes with a 3 part frame and base, Scrambler with 9 mini 4 sided colour cubes, 48 coloured tiles (8 of each 6 colours) and an instruction leaflet. To set it up, place 4 of each 6 colours on each tray, with 1 space left in the middle.

The game is really simple. One player shakes the Scrambler and as soon as he/ she reveals the pattern in it, both players have to match the pattern in the middle of their tray as fast as they can by sliding the tiles around. The first player who matched the pattern and slams the standing frame down wins.

Rubik's Cube, Rubik's Race, Children game

The game play is simple, but to get the pattern isn't! After you've got about 4 to 5 tiles right, you'll start getting stuck as you'll have to move the already solved tiles away to get other tiles in place, and it's the reluctance of moving them and the stress coming from competing with someone else that makes it difficult!

It wouldn't be such a bad idea to practise on your own first before competing with someone else, or if you prefer, you can always play it at your own leisure. I love puzzles like these and have bought plenty of Point and Click game apps just to play this kind of puzzles!

Abby is a fairly competitive little girl, so I'll have to start her on this without competing against each other!

The leaflet also comes with suggestions for other ways of playing with the Rubik's Race, giving you plenty of challenges to train that brain!