Monday, 4 August 2014

Aqua Beads Hello Kitty Fashion Set

Hello Kitty, Aqua Beads Hello Kitty Fashion Set, Aqua Beads travel case

Abby received her first Hello Kitty Aqua Beads for her 6 years old birthday, and it has been on her "I want more" list ever since. It wasn't very portable however, so we were delighted when we were offered the Hello Kitty Fashion set for review, as it comes with a proper case to hold almost everything!

Hello Kitty, Aqua Beads Hello Kitty Fashion Set, Aqua Beads travel case
Right: Realised after the picture that I dropped the packet of yellow beads on the floor, so it's not featured here
The Aqua Beads Hello Kitty Fashion Set (rrp £14.99, suitable for 4 years +) comes with over 600 beads in 8 colours (2 packets each of white and red, 1 yellow, brown, black, green, blue and pink), 4 templates, 1 Hello Kitty bead case, 1 layout tray, a spray bottle, a bead plopper and an instruction sheet.

If you haven't heard of Aqua Beads before, they are little beads that stick together when you spray water on them and leave them to dry. The beads are non toxic and are purposely bitter flavoured so children won't be tempted to eat them.

The bead plopper helps children pick up beads and drop them on the precise place they wanted them, but both me and Abby agree that it's easier to pick up and place the beads by hand. I think it depends on the person, so it's nice to be given the option to use the device.

Hello Kitty, Aqua Beads Hello Kitty Fashion Set, Aqua Beads travel case

The templates given comes with a few Hello Kitty and lots of yummy treats patterns. Abby's favourite is the doughnut, and mine is the Swiss roll!

The bead case holds most of the beads and the bead plopper, which keeps all the beads in place. It's fairly handy, though you'll have to keep the templates, layout tray and water spray separately.

I just discovered that Aqua Beads has launched the above new product - Aqua Beads Jewels Double Pen Set, which you can get for £19.99 from Amazon UK with free delivery! It comes with the 2 wheeled pen I saw in their Japan imported deluxe set (though those cost over £50!) I don't think this comes with a travel case, but just that pen makes it worth it, and they come with the transparent jewel beads too! I'm sure Abby would love to receive this for Christmas!

Abby's favourite would still be the Aqua Beads Hello Kitty Fashion Set I think, because it's Hello Kitty! She has started making her own creations now, and I think our house will soon be covered with Aqua Beads!